In Response To 60 Minutes Program

In Response To 60 Minutes Program

Dear valued customer,

BSc is one of Australia's most highly regarded health supplement brands.

For 20 years we have prided ourselves on providing pure and trusted products that are backed by scientific research and are strictly in line with anti-drug testing regulations. On Sunday 10 February 2019, current affairs television program 60 Minutes made claims that a member of the public suffered liver failure after taking legal supplements, including one containing green tea extract and linked to the BSc range of products.

This is very concerning to hear, but we are confident that these claims are unfounded.

In Australia, therapeutics and medicinal products containing ingredients such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, homeopathic and certain aromatherapy preparations, are regulated under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989. These products, which are also referred to as complementary medicines, are also listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Australia has one of the most developed, vigorous and strict regulatory systems for the manufacture of complementary medicines in the world. BSc has always adhered to these high standards. The TGA also continually monitors and evaluates the safety of therapeutic products, and manages any risks associated with products.

The product in question on the 60 Minutes broadcast has not been available on the market for some time, for reasons unrelated to these claims, and BSc has not received a single other adverse reports.

While there have been some reports of green tea extract causing hepatotoxicity in rare instances in some individuals, green tea is permitted for use in listed medicines with no restrictions or legal warning statements required. We can confidently say that Body Science products do not contain any garcinia cambogia, another ingredient to have allegedly caused harm.

Dr Brad McEwen PhD, who has served on the Board of Directors of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society for many years, today confirmed that all green tea products utilised by BSc were manufactured in Good Manufacturing Practice facilities and these products passed batch testing. Batch testing of finished products verifies appearance, weight, uniformity of mass, disintegration and consistency, along with the quantity of the active ingredients within the product (label) claim. Dr McEwen also confirmed that each BSc product undergoes stability testing. Stability studies ensure that the product contains the ingredients at their stated levels (within TGA-imposed limits) and is safe throughout its shelf life.

Since launching in 1999, BSc has been committed to funding scientific supplement research beyond what is legally required. It began its own research program in 2002 after signing with the Sydney Roosters rugby league club. Since then it has collaborated with Australian universities and invested profits into staying abreast of research and innovation.

We were also the first Australian supplement brand registered with LGC Sport Science, an international leader in the extended life sciences sector. LGC's Informed Sport product registration is the gold standard in supplement quality control.

BSc was also the first Australian brand to launch with HASTA -- Human and Supplement Testing Australia -- the nation's largest independent sports drug testing laboratory.

While we of course thoroughly believe in and trust our products, it is recommended to only use them as directed and to consult a health professional if required. We encourage any consumers to report concerns directly to us by calling 1300BODYSCIENCE [1300 263 972] or emailing or by contacting the TGA. All reports will be fully investigated.

With thanks Greg, Nathan, Sheree and the BSc team

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