A Candy-Like-Protein-Bar for Everyone

A Candy-Like-Protein-Bar for Everyone

The new BSc Soft Protein Bars will mark an Australian first in working with the latest European technology to deliver a candy-like-protein-bar experience, set to change the way you enjoy snacking on protein bars. 

What makes these bars different?

It's all about the ingredients. Unlike our Formulated Supplementary Sports Food (FSSF) bars, which adhere to specific regulations, our Soft Protein Bars are formulated as 'General Food'. This means we've carefully selected permissible general food ingredients, ensuring you still receive all the essential nutrients packed into each delicious bite. Additionally, because these bars are classified as 'General Food', they are not required to undergo HASTA testing, which we typically surpass for athlete assurance and safety. 

Think of these Soft Bars as a muesli or candy bar, only healthier. The BSc Soft Bars contain exceptional value, with high protein, low sugar, and a good source of fiber, earning them an impressive 4.5 Health Star Rating (HSR). So you can trust that you're getting a healthy alternative to a candy bar without any hassle.

We're really excited about these bars because they're part of our mission to promote a healthier lifestyle for everyone. We want to provide a better-for-you snack alternative that you can enjoy anytime. BSc is proud to be leading the way in innovation and constantly coming up with convenient life hacks. So grab a Soft Protein Bar and start enjoying a healthier, tastier snack today! Shop Now.

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