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Our scientifically formulated supplements are crafted to ignite your strength training journey, promoting optimal muscle growth, and enhancing recovery. Elevate your performance and sculpt a powerful physique with BSc's muscle building supplements – your trusted partner in the pursuit of strength.
Muscle Building
Nitrovol Mass Gainer
Whey Protein Powder
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Build Muscle
Myocytin Creatine 1.2kg
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Triandrobol Test
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Clean Plant Protein 1kg - NEW LOOK
Collagen Repair & Recover
Collagen Regenerate
K-OS Pre-Workout
Juicy Melon
Pure Creatine Monohydrate 200g
BCAA Amino Water 270g
Pre-Workout Robusta Coffee 150g
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Collagen Protein Water 350g
RTD Protein Shake
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The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) position statement is 1.4g to 2.0g of protein per kilogram of body mass. So if you weigh 100kg then recommended amount of protein per day is 140-200g. Divide that by the number of times you eat and that is your goal per meal. Eg 200/6 = 33.3g per meal.

It's possible to gain 1 kg of lean muscle per month if you are following a good training and nutrition plan. Take a look at the free training and nutrition plans on our sister site at

Consider a supplement stack of triandrobol, protein powder and creatine. We suggest Myoctin creatine as people who use this have been scientifically proven to build muscle faster than those just using traditional creatine monohydrate.

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