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BSc® At A Glance

Shaping the future of sports nutrition – this is what BSc® aims for. At its heart are innovative technologies and sustainability, which will be combined with history in order to create a healthier fitness + athlete who’s passionate about their performance yet conscious about how they live life off-the-field/gym as well.

In achieving this, topics such as banned substance tested, purity, packaging, convenience, distribution and connectivity will play an important role. Embracing these topics will allow us to shape the exclusive and sports nutrition of tomorrow. Nonetheless, with all the innovations and modifications in front of us, there is one thing that remains constant: Anything bearing our logo will always deliver excellent quality.

The company’s main vision is to achieve performance-generating health.


Vision For Sustainable Investments In Innovative Technologies

Only by achieving such a vision can we make sustainable investments in innovative technologies, new products, and most importantly in our team here at BSc. The future of sports nutrition is bright. With this approach, we are already on the way towards rethinking it and want to excite our customers with what they can get from us. We are also aiming to consolidate our reputation as an excellent employer and business partner that fulfils its social, community and environmental responsibilities. And we need to be able to show that the passion: performance lifestyle choice, is still worth your time. We have everything we need to achieve our objectives: nutrition that is trusted by the elite consumers, and a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated towards their work.



For us, the quality and the trusted part of the BSc® mission has always been about our customers. We want to be able to confidently promise the BSc® elite or everyday consumers that the product they use is created from high-quality ingredients that are dosed for optimal efficacy. Our approved formulas ensure that what is listed on our labels is exactly what you’ll find inside the product. It comes down to keeping the BSc® user safe and to do that, no corners can be cut in the process of bringing a product to market.

A part of being in the health and supplement industry is having your products go through constant reform to meet revised industry codes, guidelines and regulations that are in place to keep consumers safe.

Only by adhering to these values can we ensure that long-term relationships, trust in leadership and manufacturing standards are maintained.


BSc® is the most successful manufacturer of exclusive 3rd party banned substance-tested “athlete standard” sports nutrition and has an outstanding reputation in Australian sports. This success is based on the desirability of the nutrition range, but equally importantly, due to its unique compression garment manufacturing shaped by science. The sports nutrition is a leader in Australian sports nutrition due to integrity, trust and manufacturing compliance. And it will always stay that way. The BSc® team make their own contributions every day according to the first line of our vision.

Responsibility For Compliance

Lawful conduct is an expected daily standard at BSc® and a key driver for running a 3rd party batch compliance program with HASTA® the Australian sports supplement drug testing specialist, a division of Racing Analytical Services Limited (RASL), Australia’s largest independent sports drug testing laboratory.


This is the story of how we created a protein powder that pioneered the Sports and Nutrition Industry in 1999, Australia. From our humble beginnings in Greg’s Gold Coast garage, fast forward 20+ years and we now boast a vast range of health and nutrition products and how we are one of Australia’s most trusted brands.

From the start to finish, we will always be true and loyal in our pursuit of healthier lifestyles, not simply bodybuilding. Our company’s values were recently re-defined by the in-house team, they represent as a brand our heart & soul; it gives BSc® its identity never to change or fade away because of external factors like trends or social movements.

The thing about BSc® is the persistence towards delivering this message through every means possible: from being the first to launched 3rd party Australian banned substance tested supplements (Informed Sport UK 2014 & HASTA Aust 2017) we are geared toward athletes at heart (we’re looking at purity & focussing on “Fit

Happy Healthy” for everybody!) all the way down to our compression & apparel line which offers performance messages such as “Train Play Recover.”

The improbable chain of circumstance that would give birth from the original BSc [Body Science] Body Logic to Body Science ® and or BSc ® began with the introduction of single-ingredient product, whey protein isolate [chocolate, strawberry, vanilla & natural], Egg white protein, Micronised creatine monohydrate, L-Glutamine and HMB.

The early lifestyle & athletic mission for BSc® intensified with the product being launched in a national sports magazine by Miss Calendar Girl Australia 2001 at a time when sports supplements advertising was strictly male muscle dominated.

The campaign was Performance Protein, Good enough to eat. The story started in 1999.

Our History

  • 1999

    The Beginning

    The Founders, Greg & Sheree created BSc® out of a love to develop and provide the best sports and nutrition products to consumers. Greg saw the niche of performance lifestyle sports nutrition as an important part of training for fitness, health and sports, not just bodybuilding. The OG entity was called BSc Physical & Mental Performance.

    These early days saw Greg developing products out of his Gold Coast garage, his seed funding a Persian rug, desk & 4 door metal sliding door file cabinet given to him by his hardworking parents who believed in his dream and vision.

    The BodyScience® logo was trademarked, the original whey protein isolate powder was a huge flavour success and BODYSCIENCE® was on its way to becoming a force that pioneered the Australian sports and nutrition industry.

  • 2000


    Tribulus PLUS 10000, a non-hormonal preparation of plant origin, was the #1 selling International product for Greg’s previous company FarLabs. It is used by athletes as well as the “general public” for these reasons and for the sense of well-being it provides.  Driven by a passion and personal responsibility to provide products that are clean and ethical yet improve their customers' health and fitness, the capsule formula using the respected ingredients Tribulus fruit and Tribulus root is launched under the BSc brand making BODYSCIENCE® one of the few real complete product mix supplement brands from Australia, in a US-dominated market. Almost at once, the BSc brand is re-branded, and both the word Body Science® and the logo BSc® are born.

    The therapeutic launch sets BSc as one of the few complete product mix sports supplement brands in Australia.

  • 2002

    The Rooster Crows

    After fielding an SOS from legendary Roosters trainer Ronnie Palmer in the 2002 season, BSc entered into their first professional contract with an NRL team and as the Chooks pushed to the premiership with renewed vigour thanks to better nutrition and recovery and hence the BSc Secret was well and truly out. BSc “Official Supplement Supplier” explodes with several NRL clubs. After negotiations, 2003 & beyond has BSc as the “Official Supplement Supplier” to NRL, AFL, Super 14, and A-League teams nationally. In a time when sports nutrition was not an athletic norm. It was results that attracted athletes such as Olympians and elite individual sportsmen and women including Kenny Wallace, Andrew Bogut, Stephanie Rice, James Magnussen, Nikki Hudson and many more. Roosters BSc NRL Premiers 2002.

  • 2002

    The Sliding Door Moment

    After a three-game losing streak, Ronnie Palmer head conditioning coach approaches BSc regarding “Official supplement supplier” for the whole Roosters 2002 squad. One week after commencing the BSc supplements, the Roosters round 22 win against the Bronco’s proves the turning point in the season. The association proves a winner with significant wins every game leading of course to the proud club title 2002 NRL Premiers. Roosters HISTORY the “official shorts sponsor”. For the first time in history, the club combined its white away jumper and socks with the new white [BSc] home shorts. This generated plenty of discussion and stories of whether our success was attributed to the new sponsor BSc's supplements, or whether you were our good luck charm. The team broke tradition with white [BSc] shorts for all remaining matches including the 2002 NRL final. BSc's logo receives national and international recognition as “Official Shorts Sponsor” to the NRL premiership team.

  • 2003

    Research Takes Precedence - The Start of Drug Testing

    Not many people understand the time BSc has been involved in drug testing. What started with a Triandrobol (Tribulus) study investigating the physiological and psychological effects. The key research health-based variables include blood pressure, psychological responses, liver enzymes, blood glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol concentrations, the hormones testosterone, Luteinizing hormones, Estradiol, Urine samples, protein synthesis (anabolism) and whether will it reduce protein breakdown (catabolism). There are some very big claims in the industry around Tribulus products, the BSc research also determines the effects of supplementation of Tribulus to ensure athletes will not fail standard sports drug tests. The Abstract is resented at the Sports Medicine Australia conference in Canberra in October 2003. Their endowing approach to the testing process to ensure that all the products are clean, do what they say they will do and are effective for customers, gives Greg and Nathan incredible satisfaction. They easily sacrifice profit in order to invest into testing and research and this is what sets them apart from rest – they do not take the easy path.

  • 2003

    Myocytin Creatine

    Later that same year BSc launched a “put your money where your mouth is” study to directly compare the performance-enhancing effects of Myocytin against standard creatine monohydrate. Athletes are tested both before and after a 5-day loading period. Performance tests include vertical jumps, multiple bench press tests and repeated running sprints monitored by light-sensitive timing gates – while athletes are also measured for total body weight. The data collected in this study is used to determine if Myocytin is superior to standard creatine at enhancing explosive power, muscular endurance, repeated sprint capacity and/or body weight (cellular water content). This study shows Body Science stands behind its product, with results that ensure “Trust”. The Abstract is presented at the Sports Medicine Australia conference in Canberra in October 2003.

  • 2004


    Greg knew he couldn’t achieve things alone and needed sales expertise to expand its horizons. Nathan’s sales nous and strategic analysis helped forge the company into an industry leader. It all happened with a chance meeting on Sydney Harbour with a boatload of elite NRL payers & one sports management company’s Christmas party – Nathan and Greg enjoying beers on the back of the boat forge a relationship based on mutual respect in sports marketing with Body Science working in sports nutrition & Nathan working in eyewear. They designed & sponsored many sporting events together, Greg recalls the day Nathan called up & said he wanted out of the optical industry after being in for 21 years. A week later Nathan called and said he had enrolled in a physiology course. At that time Greg said we want a sales manager how much do you earn. Greg realised that was impossible & jokingly said you could buy in. The rest is history, Nathan was such a believer in the company that he bought into the business spurring an extraordinary multi-decade journey and together officially chasing a dream in an industry that was full of firsts in Australia.

  • 2004

    Goodbye to the Post-Match Pie & Beer

    Aspiring sporting teams now have access to the best training nutrition, compression garments and recovery products, it wasn’t the case in 2004 and Nathan & Greg found themselves converting athletes and teams from the celebrated post-game “beer and pie” to proper nutrition and recovery methods. Amateur and Professional athletes and coaches now got it – you can’t just rely on talent and training alone – the body has to be fuelled to perform at its best and teams and individuals filled their tanks to the brim and the success followed. Australian sporting icon, Australian Champions undertakes an innovative strategy with Body Science’s Human Performance Specialists, analysing supplement programs, diet and working closely with the strength & conditioning program on a day by day basis.

  • 2004

    We Invent The Standard - Targeted Compression

    Greg & Nathan want something different. The science behind compression garments is not new and has been used clinically for many years to treat venous insufficiency, and edema and prevent deep vein thrombosis in postoperative patients. The idea of compression in sports exists, but the targeted compression concept is new. They can’t find a seamstress who understands the desire to make a garment that works differently. The team want a pattern that can be wrapped around muscle groups working with the warp & weft of the material and does not follow traditional pattern design. The team employs Sheepy, a car seat manufacturer to work with Greg on a design that doesn’t exist. Compression garments aren’t new they have been in medicine for years & recently started to surface in sports. The new TARGETED MUSCLE GROUP compression garments represent another way for the BSc brand to safely and legally manipulate human physiology. The result is a garment that is more conducive to high-performance athletes and faster recovery. Due to secrecy, Nathan organises for the 1st garments to be tested by the Great Britain Rugby League team, outside of Australia.

  • 2003-2009

    Research Takes Precedence

    Their endowing approach to the testing process to ensure that all the products are clean, do what they say they will do and are effective for customers, gives Greg and Nathan incredible satisfaction. They easily sacrifice profit in order to invest in testing and research and this is what sets them apart from the rest – they do not take the easy path.

  • 2010

    Great Britain Bobsleigh Compression Kit

    Recognised internationally for a superior compression garment, BSc created the World’s 1st compression bobsled suit a race suit for the Great Britain bobsleigh team. Developing this new compression technology from scratch the bobsled team rocketed up the world rankings. The story is an interesting one, the team manager calls Greg at BSc to pitch the idea would BSc be happy to make a compression bobsled suit. The team offers to send over a suit to look at. Greg said no, and to this date, none of us have seen a traditional bobsled suit. Our aim is to make a suit based on what we’ve learned from making compression garments. The Great Britain bobsled team strategy is to work with experts – McLaren for their helmet & BSc for their suit. It’s the biggest change in 17 years to race suits and the in-house scientific raw data based on training and international success shows true success of the garment technology. Over that Olympic cycle from 2010-2014, the Bobsled team had the best race suits on the circuit and in a sport where results are decided by thousandths of a second and Bobsleigh's injuries were greatly reduced. The team management state is from using BSc compression wear around training & in competition. Great Britain gets a bronze medal at The 2014 Winter Olympics, officially called the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

  • 2010

    Education - The Future Market

  • 2010

    Our Darkest Days Essendon Football Club Supplements Controversy

    BSc is the Official Supplement Partner to Essendon Football Club, but the relationship ended in controversy. The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority investigates the legality of its doping program during the 2012 AFL season and the preceding preseason. After four years of investigations players at the club were found guilty of injecting a banned peptide and incurred suspensions. BSc does not manufacture injectables and this is done without our knowledge. Having launched banned substance supplements and having extensive knowledge of safe supplements Greg and Nathan work with the AFL and NRL to assist with its research into supplement use in sports. BSc at this stage has extensive Official Partner agreements with the NRL and AFL franchises in Australia. Based on its historic involvement in anti-doping processes and its belief in staying abreast of cutting-edge research in this area. Greg Nathan and their research and development team were integral in a discussion about how best to regulate sports supplement use across Australia. Today, Athletes and support personnel can use the BSc ONLINE SEARCH TOOL to find out whether the most commonly utilised and over-the-counter BSc supplements and complementary medicines in the BSc range have been tested (are permitted) or not tested. While in-store athletes can also search for the status of a product at retailers that they want to purchase in Australia or New Zealand, BSc has run an anti-doping program since 2002.

  • 2011

    Racing Ahead

    BSc becomes the official supplier for the Red Bull Holden Racing Team. This a strategic move demonstrating the smarts of Nathan and Greg to know their market and future market and tap into them in the most resourceful way. Recognising the athleticism needed to be a Red Bull racing team driver and the energy expended in what doesn’t necessarily appear to require a high level of fitness to compete, Picklum and Young knew that their products could make a huge difference to the fitness and recovery of the drivers and so a partnership was founded and continues today.

  • 2012

    Hitting the Grocery Shelves

    This was such a HUGE deal and one that wasn’t lost on the BSc team – they were ecstatic! BSc products hit the shelves for the first time and became the mass-market product it was destined to be. Life is fitness. Now people can shop their way, find a health food store or gym, or a supermarket that stocks their favourite sports nutrition or convenience products.

  • 2012

    Elites Sports Travel Feedback Leads To Product Development

    Responding to feedback from the Qld Reds team who were struggling to carry several products on the international road - protein powders, amino acids, electrolytes and creatine - BSc works with the Reds dietitian and head of strength & conditioning to create an all-in-one recovery formula that changed the need to carry several individual products. Elite team feedback is vital to providing ideas for product development, with the finished items then available to a mass market, who Nathan and Greg believe deserve the same range as the best athletes. Once again, a core value rings true - listening to customers is the best practice. The product NITROVOL Lean Muscle. The product of elite sport & currently available in supermarkets.

  • 2012

    The Shred Era Begins

    In line with international industry trends, BSc® launches its original SHRED HydroxyBurn Shred under the Gold Label SERIES - ULTRA range. The key point of difference is the powder is the first of its kind manufactured in Australia in a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) licensed facility under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) formulated to support metabolism, energy production, cognitive function, general health and well-being. This is another first for the BSc® brand. Manufactured in Australia in a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) licensed facility under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards Therapeutic Listed Medicine on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods TGA has the strictest quality system for medicines in the world. The TGA regulates the manufacturing, quality, supply, and advertising of medicines. The TGA also conducts post-market reviews of products to test for quality Each ingredient is tested multiple times for identification, verification, and quality before manufacturing commences. If not meeting standards, the ingredient is rejected Each ingredient is tested for microbial counts before manufacturing commences. If not meeting standards, the ingredient is rejected Finished product is tested before release for supply. If not meeting standards, the product is rejected and not released for supply into the market Pharmacovigilance programs regularly assess products and ingredients for safety New caffeine legislation compliant Ongoing stability program to test for continual long-term quality over a 2-year period. Product labels are Therapeutic Goods Order 92 (TGO 92) compliant, and all batches are required to meet packing specifications.

  • 2016

    BSc Launches 3rd Party Banned Substance Tested Sports Nutrition

    An Australian first – BSc becomes the first Australian brand registered with 3rd PARTY TESTED INFORMED SPORT certification by LGC Sport Science, an international leader in the extended life sciences sector. Its Informed-Sport product registration is the gold standard in supplement quality control. It was a great honour for BSc to be the inaugural Australian brand and to be recognised for their pioneering products.

  • 2017

    HASTA History is Made

    An incredible win for BSc. The first Australian Brand to launch a tested certification program with Australian HASTA - Human and Supplement Testing Australia, the nation’s largest independent sports drug testing laboratory. Sportspeople, from weekend warriors to elite athletes, currently use sports supplements with no guarantee of the product’s quality or reliability. The consumption of contaminated supplements has led to drug prosecutions for some of the world’s most high-profile athletes. HASTA is the first laboratory in Australia to provide testing and certification of sports supplements for professional athletes by an experienced and professional drug testing company.

  • 2017-2018

    Protein Bar

    BSc® iconic High Protein Low Carb bar dominates the market with a 5 layer protein bar, winning Australian Supplement Awards Best Protein Bar. Later that next year the boys launch their first uncoated minimal ingredient Clean Bar. Nothing comes cleaner - 100 percent vegan-friendly, non-GMO, with no dairy, no gluten, no added sugar and definitely no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours. The bar becomes the OFFICAL Protein Bar of the world’s most serious triathlon, Ironman Oceania.

  • 2019

    Lets Go to America

    We are the first major sponsor of Rugby United New York, that city’s first professional rugby outfit. This is an exciting foray into the US market.

  • 2019

    The BSc Podcast

    The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud & youtube and has over 1 million downloads.

  • 2019

    Celebrity Fashion Ranges

    Famous for groundbreaking health and nutritional products BSc stepped it up and launched their brand-new co-lab with celebrity fashion brand, DUKE OF LONDON! Joining forces with BSc Ambassador and former NRL great, Michael Crocker to release an exclusive 9-piece activewear collection.

  • 2020

    Augmented Reality

    The launch into augmented reality is noted worldwide. Industry media giant Nutraingredients writes "Augmented reality packaging Aussie sports nutrition brand BSc unveils a new digital experience." The step into AR sees the brand use the tech to educate its consumers about its flagship product Shred Ultra.

  • 2021

    So What Has Really Changed

    The government is making dramatic changes to the sports nutrition industry. A declaration is made under section 7 of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 that certain sports supplements (those that include higher-risk ingredients or are in the form of a tablet, pill or capsule) are therapeutic goods. This declaration is aimed at protecting Australian consumers from safety concerns associated with the use of certain sports supplements by clarifying which products are appropriately regulated as medicines. To meet the new caffeine requirements to remain legal within the market the BSc team have worked alongside our product developers and manufacturers to revise the formulas and ensure the consumer gets the same effective product with each serving. By making small tweaks to caffeine-contributing ingredients including green tea, caffeine, guarana and other natural stimulants in each formula our products are now the first on the market to meet regulations without compromising the benefits or the felt effects of the formula. BSc launches the first therapeutic AUSTL pre-workout in Australia.

Gold Coast

The Heart of BSc® Beats in Burleigh Heads QLD, Australia. BSc was founded on the Gold Coast in 1999 and its HQ is still going strong. This is where the original product to bear the BSc® brand was born.

What Makes This Special: Our Sports Compression Garments are handmade here at Burleigh Heads. Departments: Admin, Finance, NPD, In-House Creative, Customer Service, Dispatch and Garments.

4/24-30 Dover Drive, Burleigh QLD 4220 Gold Coast, Australia


The BSc® Sydney office is characterised by its international character.

This site is home to our Sales & Marketing Strategy Teams.