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Immerse yourself in the BSc Supplement Guide crafted specifically for you, aimed at elevating your performance on the field. Whether you're focused on weight management or seeking growth to enhance your rugby skills, uncover invaluable insights through BSc Protein, Supplements, and Bars. This guide caters to rugby players of all levels, streamlining your journey for improved results in both training and nutrition.

Emphasising a dedication to excellence, the majority of the BSc range is HASTA Certified, ensuring rigorous testing for purity and quality in all ingredients. This certification guarantees the absence of banned substances, instilling confidence in rugby players to pass any anti-doping tests. With BSc, enhance not only your rugby performance but also the integrity of your athletic pursuits on the field.

Supplements for Rugby Union players
Pure Creatine Monohydrate 200g
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BCAA Amino Water 270g
Whey Protein Powder
from $4.50
Perform & Recover Protein
Regular price $55.00 Sale price$51.95
Nitrovol Mass Gainer
Build Muscle
Myocytin Creatine 1.2kg
Regular price $62.95 Sale price$56.95
Triandrobol Test
Regular price $62.95 Sale pricefrom $57.95
Vegan Collagen Protein 600g Natural Vanilla
Regular price $55.00 Sale price$27.50
Regular price $6.50 Sale price$6.00
Athlete Compression Half Quad Shorts Mens
Athlete Compression Core Shorts Mens
Compression Knee High Socks
K-OS Pre-Workout
Juicy Melon



Prior to training, we recommend a pre-workout with creatine like our Body Science K-OS Pre-Workout. As you engage in your training session, it becomes essential to replenish electrolytes and consume carbohydrates to restore depleted glycogen stores. MYOCYTIN Creatine works great as an intra-workout. After the match, you'll want to prioritize the intake of protein and BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) for muscle repair and stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

The recovery process after a game of Rugby involves several important considerations. Immediately after the game, we recommend consuming a quick source of carbohydrates while engaging in a stretch and cool-down routine. Within 30 minutes of the game's end, consuming a protein shake enriched with BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) is recommended. Consuming a balanced regular meal is advisable. If experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), incorporating a protein supplement with ALCAR (Acetyl-L-Carnitine) can be helpful. Additionally, protein mousse and bars can serve as excellent options for obtaining slow-release proteins throughout the recovery period.

Compression clothing can be beneficial for rugby players in multiple ways. Firstly, it improves circulation by applying gentle pressure to the muscles, aiding in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients while removing waste products. Secondly, it provides support and stability to muscles, reducing oscillation and potential damage during intense movements. Additionally, compression garments can help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue by minimizing inflammation and swelling. They also enhance proprioception, improving body awareness and coordination. While they cannot prevent injuries entirely, compression clothing may offer some protection by stabilizing joints and muscles. Overall, compression gear can aid in performance, recovery, and injury prevention for rugby players.

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