A Better Now

It’s time to create A Better Now for Indigenous Kids. This artwork shares the story of the work of Joe Williams, who has developed a vital Leadership & Development program for the Our Way Academy for First Nation young people to create A Better Now in schools. The art can also be seen on NRL players’ compression shorts, being worn throughout Indigenous Round.

All profits from the 'A Better Now' Collection with @joewilliams_tew and @saltwaterfresh_designs will go towards funding a vital Development & Leadership program for Indigenous kids. 

A Better Now
A Better Now Tee



The sale of these garments will raise funds to help support the 'Our Way Academy' to run a pilot program supporting First Nations children to develop the tools
they need for 'A Better Now'. The program is created, owned and run by First Nations people, for First Nations people.

All our compression sizes are based on standard Australian sizing. For best results, our compression is designed to be tight-fitting in all areas without
being uncomfortable. The 'A Better Now' tee is a standard unisex fit.

One man, a leader, seeks guidance from his old people and guidance from within. He travels, over his country and other peoples’ lands and waters to speak about
how to do things right and properly for our kids. Some people say they’re listening, but they’re not. Some people ask what they can do to help and some
people embrace his vision quickly. Because of his influence, a change begins. A change in the way we look after our kids and a change in the way our country
thinks. These aren’t new ideas, they’ve been around for thousands of years. But, if we truly listen, we begin to understand that the only way to build strong young children is through our own solutions and through our own people. Read more.

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