Protein Water

Whether you’re looking to increase your daily protein intake, support muscle growth and recovery, or simply refresh after a big workout, BSc is excited to bring you our best-selling collection of protein waters—available in on-the-go cans and bulk powdered options.

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Protein Water
Collagen Protein Water 350g
BSc Protein Water Can

Your Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Protein Waters

At Body Science, we've channelled our passion for excellence and innovation into crafting a line of protein waters that sets a new standard in fitness hydration.

Understanding the diverse needs of fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike, we've applied the same rigorous and detailed research that distinguishes our protein powders to create a fruity and refreshing range of protein waters.

Our commitment to quality and performance is unwavering, whether you're searching for an on-the-go canned beverage option, or a bulk powdered option.

Flavourful Protein Drinks Tailored to You

Protein Collagen Water

Body Science's Protein Waters represent the pinnacle of hydrating performance nutrition. Our innovative range includes our Protein Collagen Water, available in Peach Iced Tea and Strawberry Lime. This rejuvenating blend combines the benefits of quality whey protein isolate, BCAAs, Vitamin C and hydrolysed collagen, aiding muscle recovery and skin elasticity. It's the perfect option for those looking to incorporate extra protein into a healthy diet in an easy, refreshing way.

Protein Water Cans

Additionally, our convenient Protein Water Cans offer on-the-go hydration, perfect for busy lifestyles. In 4 mouth-watering flavours that will tingle your taste buds, they are lightly sparkling and high in protein so that you can refuel, recover and rehydrate in the most satisfying way.

Take your pick from Strawberry Dream, Green Apple, Pina Colada, and Musk Sticks. Each refreshing drink boasts 15.2 grams of protein per can, 62 calories, and zero sugar. Your search for a healthy alternative to your soft drink fix is one click away!

Benefits of Protein Water | Why Choose BSc?

Each protein water blend in our range is a testament to our dedication to your health and fitness goals. We've maintained our unrivalled standards across all options, ensuring every sip provides the perfect balance of hydration, nutrition, and flavour. With Body Science Protein Waters, you're not just choosing a drink; you're embracing a lifestyle where thirst-quenching satisfaction and well-being go hand in hand.



Protein water is a refreshing, light alternative to traditional milky protein shakes, typically added to drinking water when purchased in powder form.
Infused with essential proteins, it’s an alternative to creamy protein shakes that still packs a nutritional punch, making it an excellent choice for maintaining protein intake without compromising on taste.

In short—absolutely! Protein water efficiently hydrates you while delivering essential proteins, aiding muscle recovery, and supporting overall health, making it an ideal, refreshing choice for active and health-conscious individuals.

To prepare our powdered Collagen Protein Water, add 25 g (1 level scoop) to 400 ml of cold water and shake well. Enjoy over lots of ice or in a smoothie with your favourite fresh ingredients like frozen fruit or yoghurt.

Right here on the Body Science website!
We have some of the best protein water supplements available in Australia. Plus, we’re trusted by major Australian teams across many sports. Shop the range online now to boost your nutrition and quench your thirst!

Roughly one serving of our protein water range yields approximately 15-20 grams of protein.

Our customers tend to have anywhere from one to three servings of whey protein isolate daily, with the higher end targeted at athletes.

It's important to note that protein powder, whey or plant-based, should make up a nutritious diet of whole-food protein sources and isn’t intended to be a sole source of nutrition.

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