BSc compression is engineered with precision, strategically targeting specific muscle groups through panels intricately cut and sewn in patented performance-assisting patterns. This advanced compression technology, often favoured by elite athletes, stands as the gold standard in sports compression. Elevate your performance and recovery with the superior design and functionality of BSc athlete compression.

Athlete Compression Half Quad Shorts Mens Pink
Athlete Compression Half Quad Shorts Mens Natural
Athlete Compression Half Quad Shorts Mens
Athlete Compression Core Shorts Mens
V10 Performance Compression Tights Womens
V10 Athlete Compression Longs Mens
Athlete Compression Long Sleeve Top Mens Black
Luxe Sustainable Seamless Sports Bra
Regular price $69.95 Sale price$25.00
Luxe Sustainable Bike Short
Regular price $79.95 Sale price$25.00
Luxe 7/8 Sustainable Leggings
Regular price $119.95 Sale price$30.00
Compression Crew Socks
Compression Knee High Socks
Athlete Compression Calfies



The benefits of compression are:

  • Increased muscular power - think run faster, jump higher etc.
  • Increased VO2 max and Anaerobic threshold - think higher endurance.
  • Reduced injuries - think better form, support and stability of joints & muscles.
  • Faster Recovery - think reduced swelling, better blood flow and more post competition comfort.

Athletic compression is designed to be used during training, competition and afterwards to assist with recovery.

Tights offer all the benefits of compression to more muscles in the legs. Where as socks might only help your achilles, calvies achilles plus calves, long tights help the upper leg quads and hamstrings.

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