NRL Indigenous Round Helping to Create ‘A Better Now’ for Indigenous Kids in Schools

NRL Indigenous Round Helping to Create ‘A Better Now’ for Indigenous Kids in Schools

BSc® is supporting the Indigenous Round held by the NRL from May 17-20, with the help of Wiradyuri/Wolgalu man and former NRL player, Joe Williams, and artist and Barunggam man from Saltwater Fresh Designs, Dave Hartley. Together, they are raising much-needed funds to help Indigenous kids. In collaboration with Dave Hartley, BSc® is creating garments, including a t-shirt, compression shorts, and socks for NRL players to wear and the public to purchase.

Founder of BSc®, Greg Young, said, “For Indigenous Round this week, we are thrilled that the Canterbury Bulldogs, Cronulla Sharks, Gold Coast Titans, Newcastle Knights, South Sydney Rabbitohs, and West Tigers all have players proudly wearing the Indigenous artwork in collaboration with BSc® and the Our Way Academy to help promote this vital program for Indigenous Kids. Joe gives his soul to these kids, and Dave also does a lot of great things for the community too, supporting kids in schools. Both these two people are really good humans in their space. With Dave’s art and Joe’s concepts with what he is doing with the community coming together, it is something pretty special. I love where this is going and what it is - these are two really good people.”

Dave Hartley, from Saltwater Fresh Designs

Dave Hartley, from Saltwater Fresh Designs, spoke about his artwork, ‘A Better Now’, saying, “A Better Now is the story of one man, a leader, seeks guidance from his old people and guidance from within. He travels over his country and other peoples’ lands and waters to speak about how to do things right and proper for our kids. Some people say they’re listening, but they’re not. Some people ask what they can do to help, and some people embrace his vision quickly. Because of his influence, a change begins. A change in the way we look after our kids and a change in the way our country thinks. These aren’t new ideas; they’ve been around for thousands of years. But, if we truly listen, we begin to understand that the only way to build strong young children is through our solutions and through our people.”

The mission of this partnership is to raise funds to pilot a Leadership & Development Program in schools created, owned, and run by First Nations people.

Joe Williams – Ex NRL Player and Founder ‘Our Way Academy

Joe Williams – Ex NRL Player and Founder ‘Our Way Academy’ “The program is focussed on equipping young people with the tools for a ‘Better Now’ by helping them to process and understand challenging behaviours, promote emotional wellbeing, resilience, and connection. The program endeavours to build a stronger foundation and to help the wider community understand the ‘Why’. Why do young people engage in challenging behaviours? Why is it important to understand the ‘Why’? Let’s help young people to thrive.”

BSc® will launch the Limited-Edition clothing items, with profits going toward getting the powerful program into schools across Australia. On social media, you will see your favourite First Nations Stars promoting the cause and passing on the Message Stick with the likes of Nicho Hynes, Ernie Dingo, Andrew McLeod, Goggle Box Stars Bob Smith, and Kevin Yow Yeh, with many more to help spread the important message and to get people behind Indigenous round. The public can purchase T-shirts and the same compression garments as the NRL players online from May 15th. 

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