Are you struggling to drink enough water daily?

Are you struggling to drink enough water daily?

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Drinking enough water daily is a common struggle that many people have. It may be boring, repetitive and at times inconvenient. However, water is so important for your body to function properly. Water aids to detoxify your body by flushing out toxins, helps support kidney function, and helps support healthier, younger-looking skin.


Here are some of our best tips to make sure you are drinking more water every day.

Eat your water.

Incorporating foods with high water content such as melon, cucumbers, celery and citrus fruits are a great way to sneak more hydration into your daily schedule.

Change it up!

Adding in some alternatives such as herbal teas – take your pick from citrus, floral, and minty. There’s guaranteed to be a tea that can encourage you to pick up that water bottle. Other drinks such as kombucha, mineral or sparkling water or adding zero-calorie flavours into your chosen drink of choice can be a great way to enjoy your hydration.


Add a little something extra.

You can add a little bit of flavour and excitement by chopping up some fresh fruit like strawberries, lemons or oranges, vegetables like cucumber or ginger, and herbs like mint or basil to make getting your hydration a little easier.


If you are looking or something a little more, to boost your overall wellness, immunity and vitality try adding a sachet of Clean Tea TX100 into your next glass or bottle of water. Available in convenient, single-serve sachets that are perfect to take with you on the go, have in your handbag, or at your desk whenever you need. Formulated to rebalance proper gut bacteria, rebalance and restore your digestion!

See our current favourite recipe below.


Lemon Ginger Sparkler




1 lemon, sliced

1.5 cups sparkling water

1 sachet Clean Tea TX100 Lemon Ginger

Optional: extra ginger




Simply add all ingredients into a glass and enjoy!

We hope you love this recipe as much as we do. If you give it a go, please tag us so we can see your creations! For more recipe ideas head over to our Instagram @bscclean and we’ll see you there.


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