BSc Launches New Augmented Reality (AR) Experience

BSc Launches New Augmented Reality (AR) Experience

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BSc announces the launch of Shred AR. An augmented reality experience that takes users on a virtual journey through an array of purpose-built education and discovery assets to support users in achieving their health and weight loss goals.

“Shred AR is an absolute game-changer and we’re proud that BSc is one of the first in the world in the health and supplement industry to bring this technology to life, shifting how we connect with and support the BSc customer. It’s about creating an immersive customer experience” says Greg Young, owner and founder of BSc International.

With the augmented reality industry set to reach a market size of $70.1 billion by 2023, this is more than just a gimmick. Believed to be one of the biggest innovations in sales and marketing in the next decade, this is a space you should expect to see grow exponentially over the coming months.

“Research proves that AR captures people's attention for over 85 seconds, in comparison to the social networking site Instagram which sits at an average of 3-8 seconds, the augmented reality experience is set to be the new buzz word in digital marketing and branding.

“It was a no-brainer for us, the Shred AR platform allows us to communicate important information about our products and to become an essential part of their health and fitness journey, giving them the tools and information, they need for success,” says Nathan Picklum, owner BSc International

With the Australian supplement industry already feeling rattled after proposed changes announced that certain sports supplements are therapeutic goods and restrictions to caffeine levels in products in an effort to keep Australian consumers safe, people have already become more aware of the importance of verifying the quality and guarantees that their products hold.


“Shred AR means we can guide users to understanding how important it is to be aligned with brands who drive their product development with authentic, therapeutic, and innovative values. We were the first brand to launch Informed-Sport and HASTA in Australia which shows the commitment we have to testing and research. It’s what the market demands, and deserves, proof. So, creating authentic, trusted products without pixie dusting or misleading consumers with inflated marketing tactics is something we’re no stranger to, we’re just happy there is more pressure for the rest of the industry to follow” says Greg.

You can experience the complete Shred AR by using your phone to scan the top of any HydroxyBurn Shred tub or image on the BSc website.

A note from the brains behind the operation at AusTech VR

“The BSc Shred Augmented Reality (AR) experience comes about by a chance meeting here on the Gold Coast where I met Greg Young over a beer. Our conversation turned to my business Austechvr and what we do around web-based AR and also our experience in learning about and using Shred.

Only one month later we have launched the Shred AR experience. With what we know about AR and the level of engagement it actually gets it seemed like the perfect way for BSc to promote the BSc Shred product.

This experience is a world-first for the Health and Supplement industry and will raise the customer experience and education journey to new heights. It has been great to work with BSc who have proved to be the perfect partner with an innovative mindset in regards to product and marketing. The experience was built with strong teamwork between the BSc and Austechvr teams, it was a truly collaborative project and the result of this collaboration is the Shred AR experience.

With Austechvr being a proud Gold Coast company it was a joy to build this partnership with one of the most dynamic Gold Coast companies, Body Science who produce these fantastic products for athletes and businesses like us. Whilst this is a first of its kind marketing tool for this industry this experience is also a first of its kind in Australia, Austechvr will be able to create similar experiences across multiple industries Australia wide, this is the start of a new vertical in marketing which is dynamic and powerful.

Let’s get our Shred on!”

-Ken Lee, AusTechVR

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