Dietitian Approved Supermarket Snacks

Dietitian Approved Supermarket Snacks

Harriet Walker; Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian. A leader in the sports nutrition space within Australia, specialising in strength sports.


Confused about snacks? You are not alone! Supermarkets are providing much healthier snack options than ever before, with consumer demand driving food manufacturers to boost the health of their products. However, there is still room for confusion as to what snacks are actually healthy and which are just trying to look the part but are hiding added sugars and other less than desirable ingredients. When it comes to choosing snacks, keeping it simple and easily accessible is key. With those two things in mind, we have put together the top four dietitian-approved snack options to put on your shopping list that you can mix and match for heaps of healthy snack combinations.

Fruit has got to be the easiest and most healthy on the go snack. Many people are not sure about where fruit fits into their diet, because it does contain sugar, however, these are naturally occurring sugars - it’s the added sugars that we need to be wary of when it comes to snack foods. The naturally occurring sugar content of fruit per serve is relatively small and is bound up with the water and fibre of the fruit, which means its impact on blood sugar levels is not significant. Plus, fruits are packed with health-boosting vitamins and antioxidants which are essential for a healthy body. Most people should be aiming for two pieces of fruit per day.


Nuts and seeds are great options as they are a good source of filling fibre, healthy fats and are easy to pack for when you are on the go. One caveat is that because nuts and seeds are rich in (healthy) fats, they do contain a fair amount of energy, which means it’s necessary to keep to a sensible portion size or you can easily blow out your daily calorie budget. The 30-40g snack boxes are a great pre-portioned option that takes the measuring out of the equation.

BSc Clean Bars are a perfectly portioned combination of fruit, nuts, and seeds with the added benefit of plant-based protein. Protein is an important factor in your snack choices because it helps to increase the feeling of fullness - which is what we are after! The BSc Clean Bars have a very short ingredients list with no added sugar and make a great healthy substitution for that 3 pm chocolate treat. They can even be chopped up and added to breakfast or as a topper for yoghurt to make it more interesting. Speaking of yoghurt…


Yoghurt is a terrific blank canvas for building tasty snacks. Dairy-based yoghurt is packed with protein and calcium, plus has the added benefits of probiotics which help boost the good bacteria in the gut. Plant-based yoghurts also contain the beneficial bacteria, however, are not as rich a source of protein or calcium, with a higher fat content but are a useful alternative for those who do not tolerate or choose not to eat dairy. Whichever you choose, yogurt can be dressed up with nuts, berries, or other fruit for a healthy and filling snack.

As you can see, the best healthy snacks should be quick and easy to take with you when you are at work or just out and about. Using this list, you can mix and match ingredients to make heaps of delicious, filling, and healthy snack options! Find our clean bars at your local Coles or Woolworths today.

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