Finding a Balance for Your Inner Calm

Finding a Balance for Your Inner Calm

Author; from the experts at Body Science®

Calm Down. Possibly two of the most unhelpful words you can say to someone when there is a storm in their teacup. It seems finding inner calm is the top of many people’s list of things to do, and yet, there doesn’t seem to be a step by step manual for how to achieve it. Simply suggesting being calm is definitely not useful, so we have compiled three simple ways you can achieve inner calm right now.


Three simple ways to find your inner calm.

Snack on magnesium-rich foods

We had you at snacks, right? Magnesium is a mineral that is involved in a whole bunch of reactions that take place in a healthy body. Over 300 reactions in fact! Magnesium helps with functions such as muscle and nerve function, muscle synthesis, energy production, and DNA production. A diet low in magnesium has been associated with increased risk of depression and anxiety, an adequate intake benefits mild anxiety i.e helps get your calm in check. The Recommended Daily Intake for magnesium is 320mg and 420mg for females and males respectively, and we can ensure we get this by dining regularly on foods rich in magnesium such as nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes, and dark green leafy vegetables. To get your daily dose, you would need to eat 30g of almonds, 1 cup steamed spinach, ½ a cup of black beans, and a baked potato.. that is a good day of snacking if you ask us!

Lemon Balm to help relax

Lemon balm has a long history of being used as a natural modulator of mood. Modern research is starting to undercover what bioactive properties this plant has to offer, and how they may help you to calm your farm. It appears that a compound found in lemon balm called rosmarinic acid may play a role in producing the cognitive and memory benefits of lemon balm. A pilot study in 2014 used a propriety lemon balm extract which contained a standardised dose of the herb call lemon balm extract used in the study was Bluenesse©. The study found that participants given the standardised dose of lemon balm reported benefits such as improved alertness and cognitive function in a 1-3 hour period after taking the clinical dose of between 300-600mg.

Start with a glass of water or tea

Now, this is low hanging fruit, but the easier the better! You might be surprised to find out just how much a bit of dehydration can zap your Zen. A recent study (Benton, Cousins & Young 2019) looked at how mild dehydration might impact your day to day markers such as agreeableness, hostility, confidence, and feelings of being unsure. While further research needs to be done on the topic, researchers found that some people when less hydrated were more likely to report negative feelings, which tended to improve when more water was consumed. And a drink of water is hardly an arduous task. Not a water fan? Then try adding flavour with a host of other health-boosting ingredients using the Body Science Clean Tea!

See, inner calm is not so far away! This list is by no means exhaustive however these three little tips are super simple and effective and can help contribute towards finding your inner calm and help you get back to kicking butt.

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