Have you always wanted to be lean and ripped? here's how!

Have you always wanted to be lean and ripped? here's how!

Have you always wanted to be lean and ripped? here's how!

Lean and Ripped

It is no secret that to look lean and ripped, we need to both lose fat and increase muscle mass. We also know that the basics to achieve this include regular exercise, strength training and a good diet. Is it that simple though? Here are some tricks to get you across that line:

Take the focus away from the scales

If we need to lose fat and increase muscle mass at the same time, what should we focus on first? Gaining muscle mass!

The more muscle mass the higher your metabolic rate. That is, muscle mass requires more energy to be maintained and that is when the magic happens. A higher metabolic rate means that your body will be burning more calories when at rest, and that usually means “burning” fat storage.

1 kg of fat takes a lot more space (nearly 3 times) that of 1kg of muscle. That is why when training and eating well you may notice a great (positive) change in your body composition and even how your clothes fit, but the scales won’t move. Do not focus on the scales whether you want them to go up or down. Focus on getting stronger, feeling better and reducing fat tissue.


Look for other health markers, such as energy levels, training performance and sleeping patterns. They will tell you more about your success than the scales.

Take notes of training sessions, PBs and how you perform mentally and physically throughout the day (at work for example). This will help you track your progression.


Increase Protein intake

Increasing your protein intake will assist with both weight management and muscle mass gain. Protein is well known as the best macronutrient to increase satiety and control hunger. Protein will also increase your metabolic rate (calories out). Finally, a high protein intake will help increase and preserve muscle mass.


1. Have at least 30g of protein per meal

2. Go for high protein snacks

3. Invest in a good quality protein powder

Hydroxyburn Lean 5 Low Carb Protein

This is our go to protein when looking at losing fat and gaining muscle. It contains slow and fast action proteins, which will help control hunger and cravings while providing prompt amino acids to improve muscle recovery and build. We have also added L-Carnitine to assist with fat metabolism and prebiotics to further assist with hunger control. It is low in fat and carbohydrates so it is perfect for who is looking to shred.


Creatine is one of the most studied sports supplements in the world. It has been found to effectively increase strength, power and muscle mass. Creatine acts like an energy recycler in the muscle, helping your muscle produce more energy and perform better. Creatine also boosts the formation of proteins that create new muscle fibres, increasing muscle mass. In fact, creatine has been found to be the world’s most effective supplement for adding muscle mass. Finally, creatine also acts as an antioxidant and improves muscle recovery.


1. Add creatine to your nutrition routine

2. Add creatine to a post-workout meal/shake/smoothie with carbohydrates. Creatine is better absorbed and taken into the muscle when consumed in conjunction with carbohydrates.



Having optimal levels of testosterone is important for general health, body composition (muscle mass vs. fatty tissue), sexual function and many other important bodily functions. Increasing testosterone levels can naturally cause rapid gains in muscle mass and vitality in a matter of weeks.

Here are a few tips to naturally increase testosterone levels:

1. Exercise and lift weights

2. Eat a balanced diet containing good quality protein, fat and carbohydrates

3. Reduce stress: Stress increases cortisol levels (stress hormone) which will decrease testosterone levels.

4. Sleep well: Testosterone levels are meant to peak early in the morning just before you wake up. Cortisol, the stress hormone mentioned above, is our “wake-up” hormone and will increase every time we wake up during the night or have a poor sleep. Thus, having a good night sleep means your body is rested with low cortisol levels and will be able to have an appropriate peak of testosterone early in the morning

5. Supplements that naturally increase testosterone levels: Tribulus Terrestris, Vitamins B and K and Zinc.

Triandrobol Test contains Tribulus Terrestris fruit and root extract, Fenugreek seed, Horny Goat Weed leaf, Vitamin K, Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. It is scientifically formulated to support testosterone levels, support muscle strength, enhance physical stamina and enhance healthy libido and sexual function.


Start working out, eat well, eat your protein, invest in quality supplements, rest and repeat.

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