Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas

By Sarah Angus

As an Exercise Scientist and Physiologist who has quite a busy daily itinerary, I’ve had a couple of changes in my life of late which made me rethink my fitness and nutrition routine.

My roles and responsibilities have become broader in scope and size, therefore more of my time is now spent on the road, in the office, or in the corporate environment. I discovered that I was now running out of the free time I normally had; before work, after work and in-between work, which affords me time to rest and to take care of my body.

These changes in my daily living got me thinking and I had to come up with a more effective way to make sure I remained active throughout the day and healthy as well. Some of my readers must have had this experience of trying to prepare for work in the morning, but on preparation at home, you discovered that some things have not been taken care of. This kind of situation can cause one to compromise on his/her fitness exercise. It can even make you miss the most important meal of the day, breakfast. It can also lead you to eat crappy and unhealthy foods. You know that feeling when you want to have control over the important things of your life; your health and nutrition choice, your fitness and your finance. When these things begin to fall out of place, the feeling can be frustrating.

I had to make a plan of staying fit and staying healthy at the same time without compromising my work hours. I invented easy means of making breakfast on the run or easy meals to make sure that I stayed on track always.

Below I’m going to recommend in this blog four of my favourite breakfast meals.


Healthy Breakfast #1: Omelette

The first one on the list is an Omelette. You can prepare this in the morning and still have a little spare time. I usually prep up a couple of pre-made omelettes by getting a couple of different ingredients; mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and a little bit of green capsicum. When you get these ingredients, chop them up and put them into five zip lock bags. You will discover that these ingredients last incredibly well in the fridge. You only have to do one batch of five on Sunday Afternoon, store in a fridge and you are ready to go. In the morning, you can bring out the ingredients and at most it will take you ten minutes to make breakfast. Head to the fridge, grab out one zip lock bag, chuck the ingredients into a pan and with a splash of olive oil, fry up the contents and then add a couple of eggs and a splash of milk. I personally like to use almond milk or grass milk. Cook the omelette until golden brown or until your liking and you're ready to go. I prefer to eat it hot, but in the alternative, you can pour it into a container and take it to work. There are so many dishes of combination you can do. You can do with a handful of chicken, you can add cheese or half an avocado, it depending on what macros you want to hit or what your diet demands from you. iStock-503756314-1024x684

Healthy Breakfast #2: Smoothie

The second quick and easy breakfast that I would recommend for those of you that have a little bit of spare time in the morning is a smoothie. A smoothie is nice and light. For people who wake up early in the morning, maybe around 6:00 am and train around 9:00 am, they wouldn’t want to eat the sort of food that will make them feel heavy. In this situation, smoothies sit really well in my stomach and is a perfect opportunity to cram in a heap of greens, antioxidants and proteins. It’s so easy to make a smoothie nice and tasty. If you are looking for an easy way to make it quicker, you can pre-prepared your ingredients ahead of time; get your fruits and your wet ingredients that can be frozen, say like your banana, blueberries or even things like nutrient cubes that you can make so you can juice up some veggies, juice up some fruits or blend up some spinach and freeze it into an ice cube tray and pop them in the freezer. On the dry side, pre-scoop your protein powder, get some oats and some probiotic powder if you like or some ACV capsules, nuts, chia seeds depending on what you like. These means in the morning all you have to do is take your wet ingredients out of the freezer, take the dry ingredients out of the cupboard, add the mix together in a blender, splash some milk, blend it up and you are ready to go. iStock-839497302-1024x683

Healthy Breakfast #3: Overnight Oats

In a situation where you have absolutely no time to prepare breakfast in the morning, my third recommendation might just be the right choice for you. It is an overnight oat recipe! Yes, an overnight oat. An easy way to make this is to get one cup of oats, one cup of milk and one or two scoop(s) of protein powder; that’s a basic kind of recipe. If you mix these up, then you can add any sort of extra flavours, nuts, chia seeds, berries, mashed banana or maybe some pinch of peanut butter. Mix it up like batter or like a mix and portion it out into two jars; this can make two servings of overnight oats. Put a lit on it and pop it in a fridge and you are ready to go. In the morning, when you take your oats out, it’s delicious, moist and ready for breakfast.


Healthy Breakfast #4: Breakfast Wrap

The last breakfast option that I will recommend is the breakfast wrap. This recipe is usually good for cold weather and it’s a nice warm breakfast to have on the go. So, on Sunday Afternoon, you can work out your ingredients for a breakfast that will serve for the week ahead. You can gather ingredients like mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and some onions. You can add bacon, smoked salmon or ham, really whatever you would like. This recipe is so versatile and easy to customise based on what your diet is or what your macros require. Add all the ingredients into a pan and cook until golden brown, set aside to cool and then add a couple of eggs into a bowl with some milk, some flavouring, your dash of salt and pepper, or some dried herbs, whisk it up and scramble your eggs. All you have to do at this point is to portion them out. You can make four or five portions into your wraps, add your ingredients, wrap it up in some baking paper and you are done. You can pop it into a fridge as it can last a couple of days. iStock-482450403-1024x683 I have just shared with you four breakfast recipes which of course are my favourites and I hope you will enjoy them. Try it out and get back to me as I will be thrilled to learn of your experience. I will be anticipating your responses. Thank you!


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