New Clean Plant Protein - Same Same but Better!

New Clean Plant Protein - Same Same but Better!

BSc Best Tasting Clean Plant Protein

Tatiana Marinho - BSc Athlete
Practising Nutritionist | B.P.H. Nutrition | Master of Nutrition & Dietetics | Master of Public Health.

We were always sure our Clean Vegan Protein was the best vegan protein powder in Australia, with the highest quality ingredients, great taste, and no nasties. So why did we decide to change?

Well, think of it as an upgrade rather than a change. We maintained the quality and superfood ingredients, but we improved the formula with more sustainable protein sources and a new eco packaging. So… the new Clean Plant Protein is better for you and the Earth.

The plant protein market is fast-growing, and many people are looking for plant-based alternatives to their protein supplements. Research shows that the quality of the protein you consume is in fact more important than the quantity of protein you consume a day. So, when looking for a plant-based alternative to your protein powder it is important to find high-quality protein sources.

Furthermore, the world has been demanding more sustainable ingredient sourcing as well as environmentally friendly packaging. BSc has made the commitment to be plastic-free by 2030. That is why our new Clean Plant Protein comes in a high quality eco-friendly and plastic-free packaging.



The new Clean Plant Protein is sourced from 10 superfoods. These superfoods not only provide amazing nutrition and have superior taste and mouthfeel than other plant-based proteins in the market, but they are also great for the earth!


We sourced ingredients that are environmentally friendly. The pulses our protein is made from require no fertiliser and naturally restore soil health by replenishing nitrogen levels.

These ingredients are estimated to be 4-7x less greenhouse gas-emitting than animal protein.

Even better, with all these amazing protein sources we have managed to provide you with a vegan-friendly protein that contains a complete amino acid profile!


Our Clean Plant Protein is gluten-free tested, soy-free, with no added sugar, gums or thickeners, it is also naturally sweetened with stevia and thaumatin and naturally flavoured and contains no artificial colours.

Even better, we have added some awesome extras to help with your health and wellbeing, as we as physical performance. Our Clean Plant Protein contains 5x digestive enzymes and prebiotics, to assist with digestion and gut health.

Packed with protein, fibre, digestive enzymes, a complete amino acid profile and a clean label that guarantees no stabilisers, artificial gums, fats and oils, you can trust Clean Plant Protein as the best plant-based protein powder in the market.


Last but not least…. These new flavours are our best flavours yet!

We worked really hard to build a nutritious formula that provides great flavour and mouthfeel when everyone thought it was impossible but we’ve done just that! Our Clean Plat Protein is smooth, has a great mouthfeel, tastes delicious and all you need to do is add water.

The hard thing is… pick a favourite!

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