The Perfect Push-Up

The Perfect Push-Up

Andy Ginn | Body Science Expert Trainer and Presenter


If the last year has taught us anything on our fitness journey it’s that bodyweight workouts are great to keep us on track. But are you struggling to consistently perform perfect reps?

Rather than punish yourself with endless reps of poor form and seeing zero progress, let’s regress the movement and break down the push up into a series of progressions to help you get the most out of the exercise.

Here are my top 4 tips to be able to perform the perfect push up.


Start with being able to hold a 1min straight arm plank to improve your core strength and build a stronger shoulder.


The incline push-up, start with a box or bench at knee height and try to perform 7 to 10 reps comfortably with good form, when you can consistently hit 10 reps start lowering the starting height.


The Push-Up, start with 3 to 5 reps of the chest to ground reps and add reps when you can consistently perform 5 reps with good form.


Now you are a badass at performing The Perfect Push up it's time to add weight by placing a weight plate between your shoulder blades and performing as many reps as possible with good form.

Above all the best tip for the perfect push-up is to it rush it, take the time and follow these simple steps and you will be crushing The Perfect Push-Up in no time at all.

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