The Superstar Ingredients Behind Clean Coffee

The Superstar Ingredients Behind Clean Coffee

The Superstar Ingredients Behind Clean Coffee


Gone are the days where ordering a coffee off a menu was a few options, now you can have a whole page dedicated to how you’d like it.


There are also more options for sachet coffees, interestingly, Australians are the biggest drinkers of instant coffee! However, if you grimace at the thought of instant coffee you may be surprised to learn that it can be prepared in ways you’ve never tried before.


Sachets are being formulated with added functional and nutritional ingredients as an added health kick. BSc have recently released their version called Clean Coffee with Colombian single origin coffee beans, apple cider vinegar, Blueness® and MCT.


But what exactly is behind these ingredients that make them so clean and beneficial to your morning brew? James Kuhn - Accredited Practising Nutritionist and an expert for BSc explains.


Columbian Single Origin Coffee

As the name suggests, the type of coffee used comes from one place, being, Columbia. This type of coffee is typically medium-body with a citrus undertone. Coffee is an antioxidant with energy-promoting qualities due to the caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and has been shown to improve concentration and alertness. Coffee has also been shown to increase your resting metabolic rate, suggesting it burns more calories.


Lemon Balm

Also known as Melissa officinalis and Blueness®, the action of this herb is to help curb the hyper-stimulating effects of coffee and therefore promote a more stable release and stress release. The herb has also been shown to ease complaints of the nervous system, particularly anxiety, therefore assisting in your ability to cope with the daily grind.



Medium-chain triglycerides are a class of saturated fat which has been shown to help suppress appetite due to its ability to release ketones which suppresses the hormone that tells you you’re hungry. It has also been shown to help soothe the gut lining, making it a gentle additive.


Apple Cider Vinegar

When taken before a meal, apple cider vinegar can help support your digestive system by secreting acidic juices in preparation for food. If a shot of ACV isn’t for you, hidden in a sachet may be your way to go.



Clean Coffee is sweetened with Thaumatin which is a plant-based protein extracted from the katemfe fruit, also known as the African Serendipity Berry. It's all-natural and calorie-free, the perfect finishing touch to your daily coffee fix.

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