Where Athletic Meets Beauty

Where Athletic Meets Beauty

Where Athletic Meets Beauty

By Tatiana Marinho - BSc Athlete and Head of Nutrition
Practising Nutritionist | B.P.H. Nutrition | Master of Nutrition & Dietetics | Master of Public Health.


#ATHBEAUTY. BSc® Advanced Athletic Beauty Collagen Ultra

Beauty benefits and joint health in one? Let’s drink to that!

BSc® launches #athbeauty and “it won’t be long before other marketers look to augment a combination of the rapidly growing ‘health-and fitness’ and ‘cosmetic-and-beauty' trends,” says BSc Founder Greg Young and BSc Co-Owner and Director Nathan Picklum.

Understanding that specific collagen peptides play specific roles, the team have been working with GELITA® to launch the world’s 1st dedicated collagen blend for BEAUTY, JOINTS, TENDONS AND LIGAMENTS. Specifically VERISOL®, FORTIGEL®, TENDOFORTE® and LactoSpore®.

Collagen is the major structural component of skin, accounting for about 80% dry weight. Skin properties are known to be affected by endogenous and environmental factors including aging, ultraviolet radiation (UVR), hormones, sweat and nutrition; however it also relies on what we put in our bodies!

Specifically, VERISOL® the beauty collagen can stimulate skin metabolism and counteract the loss of collagenous extracellular matrix from inside. Consumers who ingest natural Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, VERISOL® specially optimized for beauty applications noticed firmer, smoother skin with fewer wrinkles and Cellulite reduction on their body parts which are usually affected by these conditions

Advanced Athletic Beauty Collagen Ultra also contains 125% RDI Vitamin C, well known as an antioxidant also benefits skin health.

The best part about our new Advanced Athletic Beauty Collagen is that you can enjoy it straight in water! Simply mix one scoop (13.3g) into 200mls of cold water, your favourite beverage or recipe. Collagen peptides can also be used in hot liquids, cold liquids and cooking. Athlete approved.

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