Why should you squat?

Why should you squat?

Andy Ginn | Body Science Expert Trainer and Presenter


Squatting is one of the key foundation movements to a functionally fit body. We perform some form of squat variations multiple times a day. From getting out of bed to sit on the toilet, to squatting down to pick up that item we dropped on the ground, we need to squat for many reasons.

Here is why you should be adding squats into your routine:


Yes, there are 10 other reasons why we should squat but let’s face if. Who doesn’t love a good butt? And squatting is one of the best exercises for building a strong aesthetically pleasing butt.


We all think sit-ups are the key to amazing abs in the gym, when in fact by placing a barbell on your back your entire core has to brace to support the barbell. Not only will squatting help build those abs it will also strengthen your obliques and help bulletproof your lower back.


Squatting basically recruits all of the muscles in your body which build more lean muscle mass helping you burn more fat, couple that with a balanced diet and you will be a lean, mean squatting machine.


How often have you tried to squat down to pick something only for your hips or knees to creak in pain? Squatting regularly with good form increases bone density and promotes great joint health in your hips, knees, ankles and most importantly the spine


Starting out on your squatting journey can and should start with minimal equipment. You can start squatting effectively with a single kettlebell. The Kettlebell is a great place to start squatting as it promotes good movement patterns by involuntary engaging our back and core muscles for you.

See how squatting can be effectively implemented into a well-rounded training program where you will get;

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