#204. Is your ego getting in the way of good leadership? With Dr Craig Duncan

#204. Is your ego getting in the way of good leadership? With Dr Craig Duncan

Human Performance Scientist, Dr Craig Duncan is back! Dr Craig Duncan has extensive experience working alongside elite sporting teams and many areas in the corporate environment, implementing a unique performance strategy that enhances the potential of anyone from an employee, management divisions, and founders to coaches and teams. A previous podcast with Dr Craig Duncan on leadership was about what kind of leader are you – what it means to be a true leader and what to look for when recruiting a leader. You can recap on this here. This week, we expand on this topic and something that comes hand in hand with being a leader – Ego. In some capacity, we are all leaders and are all looking towards a leader so this one is for you.

Tune in as we cover;
What leadership is not and leadership styles.
Acknowledging your ego and is it affecting your leadership? What do followers want from a leader?
The damage of being in an ‘echo chamber’.
Are you maximizing your potential through your challenge networks - do you have the right people around you?

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