History 2000 Capsules

Tribulus PLUS 10000, a non-hormonal preparation of plant origin,  was the  #1 selling International product for Greg’s previous company FarLabs. It is used by athletes as well as the “general public” for these reasons and for the sense of well being it provides.  Driven by a passion and personal responsibility to provide products that are clean and ethical yet improve their customer's health and fitness, the capsule formula using the respected ingredients Tribulus fruit and Tribulus root is launched under the Body Science brand making BODYSCIENCE® one of the few real complete product mix supplement brands from Australia, in a US-dominated market. Almost at once, the BSc brand is re-branded, and both the word Body Science® and the logo BSc® are born.

The therapeutic launch sets Body Science as one of the few complete product mix sports supplement brands in Australia.