Greg knew he couldn’t achieve things alone and needed sales expertise to expand its horizons. Nathan’s sales nous and strategic analysis helped forge the company into an industry leader. It all happened with a chance meeting on Sydney Harbour with a boat load of elite NRL payers & one sports management company’s Christmas party – Nathan and Greg enjoying beers on the back of the boat forge a relationship based on mutual respect in sports marketing with Body Science working in sports nutrition & Nathan working in eyewear. They designed & sponsored many sporting events together, Greg recalls the day Nathan called up & said he wanted out of the optical industry after being in for 21 years. A week later Nathan called and said he had enrolled in a physiology course. At that time Greg said we want a sales manager how much do you earn. Greg realised that was impossible & jokingly said you could buy in. The rest is history, Nathan was such a believer in the company that he bought into the business spurring a extraordinary multi decade journey and together officially to chase a dream in an industry that was full of first’s in Australia.