Greg & Nathan want something different. The science behind compression garments is not new and have been used clinically for many years to treat venous insufficiency, edema and prevent deep vein thrombosis in postoperative patients. The idea of compression in sport exists, the targeted compression concept is new. They can’t find a seamstress that understands the desire to make a garment that works differently. The team want a pattern that can be wrapped around muscle groups working with the warp & weft of the material and does not follow traditional pattern design. The team employs Sheepy, a car seat manufacturer to work with Greg on a design that doesn’t exist. Compression garments aren’t new they have been in medicine for years & recently had started to surface in sport. The new TARGETED MUSCLE GROUP compression garments represent another way for the Body Science brand to safely and legally manipulate human physiology. The result is a garment that is more conducive to high-performance athletes and faster recovery. Due to secrecy, Nathan organizes for the 1st garments to be tested by the Great Britain Rugby League team, outside of Australia.