The government makes dramatic changes to the sports nutrition industry. A declaration is made under section 7 of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 that certain sports supplements (those that include higher-risk ingredients or are in the form of a tablet, pill or capsule) are therapeutic goods. This declaration is aimed at protecting Australian consumers from safety concerns associated with the use of certain sports supplements by clarifying which products are appropriately regulated as medicines. To meet the new caffeine requirements to remain legal within the market the Body Science team have worked alongside our product developers and manufacturers to revise the formulas and ensure the consumer gets the same effective product with each serving. By making small tweaks to caffeine contributing ingredients including green tea, caffeine, guarana and other natural stimulants in each formula our products are now the first on the market to meet regulations without compromising the benefits or the felt effects of the formula. BODYSCIENCE launches the first therapeutic AUSTL pre-workout in Australia.