6 Steps to Improve Your Gut Health

6 Steps to Improve Your Gut Health

Author; the team at BSc HQ

Before you start your fitness journey, you should know your gut health is just as important as any other part of your fitness plan, if not more so! The bacteria in your gut can dramatically influence more than you think, including the way your body absorbs nutrients. You could be incorporating all the best healthy foods into your diet but if your body isn't able to absorb all the nutrients properly, you won't be getting the nutrition you need creating the energy for an effective workout.

If you keep your gut health in check and immune function strong you will give your body the extra energy and endurance it needs to start kicking goals!!

Drink more water

2 to 3 litres per day! Training days add an additional 1 litre. If you find drinking plain water difficult, add plant-based products such as mint or cucumber for added flavour. Be mindful of adding Lemon to your water as this is acidic and can erode your teeth.


Take a good probiotic

Not only will a good probiotic restore the “Good Bacteria” in your gut, but it also reduces bloating, gas, and discomfort caused by the “bad bacteria” build up in your gut which is the result of nutrient-poor food such processed foods and take away.

Eat more fiber and reduce processed foods

Fast foods and foods high in sugars cause your gut to work extra hard, thus slowing down the overall digestion process. Fiber is great for your gut health. It keeps everything moving through your bowels and helps keep you “regular”. A combination of foods high in fiber such as plant-based foods, fruits, legumes, nuts (raw unroasted), seeds and wholegrain, and less processed foods will help your bowels keep things moving.


Chew your food properly and portion your meals

Did you know digestion starts in the mouth? How many times have you inhaled your meal and felt sick after it because you overate? Before you eat a meal, sit down at the dinner table, eat small portions, put your cutlery down in between mouthfuls and eat until you are satisfied and not stuffed! It can take up to 20 minutes for your brain to register it is full so give it time to catch up.

Sleep 8 hours per night and reduce stress

Poor and or broken sleep has been linked to low energy levels. When our energy levels are low, we tend to reach for energy-dense foods and drinks (such as energy drinks) that contain higher amounts of sugar for a quick pick me up during the day. Avoid this vicious cycle and create a positive night-time routine. Things to try maybe, having a cup of herbal tea at night before bed, journaling, reading, or deep breathing exercises to clear your mind and lower your stress.


Reduce alcohol

Alcohol is an irritant and causes inflammation in the gut. It is best to avoid drinking alcohol when you have an irritated gut, however, if you choose to drink it, drink in moderation and stick to “standard servings” of alcohol.

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