How to Overcome These 5 Weight-Loss Excuses

How to Overcome These 5 Weight-Loss Excuses

Author; the team at BSc HQ


One of the biggest reasons why it can be so hard to lose weight and stay motivated are the excuses you make. We've put together 5 common reasons that may be holding you back and how you can overcome them to stay on track during your weight loss journey!

Dilemma 1: I don’t know how to start. Especially with all the conflicting information out there.

This excuse has some merit in it. It’s absolutely true. But this is just a hurdle, here are some guidelines worth following. Eat real food.. and by real, we mean food that is naturally occurring, such as vegetables, meat, fruit, and nuts. Anything else should be eaten in moderation (if at all) and DO NOT follow anything that is too restrictive as this could lead to falling off the wagon.

Dilemma 2: I always end up cheating, so what’s the point?

You’re cheating because you are human. Hormonal imbalances can also be part of the reason. Fluctuations in certain hormone levels may contribute to sugar cravings sluggishness, stress, and health problems. Making a nutrition plan to stick to or working with an expert can be a great way to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need for maximum energy and wellbeing. Our HydroxyBurn Shred Ultra has been created to help you fight off cravings and have clean all-day energy!

Dilemma 3: I don’t have time to train.

This is one of our favourites. If your desire to feel and look good is strong enough, then you will make the necessary sacrifices. Whether it requires you to set your alarm and get up an hour earlier or squeezing a session in after work when you really can’t be bothered. A one-hour workout is 4% of your day, and you don’t have to train every day, so in reality, it’s even less. You can save more time by deciding to train at home, with no travel time.

Dilemma 4: Dieting is boring.

This may have been the case a decade ago. Now we have more fat free, sugar free, gluten free choices than ever before. There is no substitute for real food. Don’t forget how colourful fresh herbs and spices can make food look and taste. This is not boring.

Dilemma 5: I’ll start Monday...

Ahhh… magic Monday. Believe it or not, eating well and exercising is just as beneficial on every other day as it is on Monday. If you decide to commit to a healthy lifestyle, do so immediately. No procrastinating. A day delayed is a day wasted.

There you have it. Excuses and, more importantly, how you can take charge and be proactive towards achieving a healthier you. Spend less time justifying why you can’t and more time enjoying your results.




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