BSc. The brand for all sports.

BSc. The brand for all sports.

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The genesis of sports nutrition was in bodybuilding – and the landscape was dominated by bodybuilding marketing. BSc conceptualised a model of providing niche sport and lifestyle sports nutrition. Thus, evolved the BSc brand. From 2002 onwards, and a massive Grand Final win with the Sydney Roosters we replaced the concept that elite teams needed “beer and pie” after a game with a demand for quality sports nutrition. Sports nutrition was new to sport. This was our good luck as the BSc brand became a demanded essential by professional teams and players and for over 20 years BSc has boasted “official supply” status to the best non-steroid driven athletes in Australia.

BSc officially launched the next generation of non-sports specific nutrition, marketing as “not just a body building brand”. BSc became synonymous with sport. Our sporting associations provide elite level feedback and research mechanisms that enable us to provide the best performance products for all users today. Having evolved to provide a suite of performance-based products and services, the BSc range includes health, fitness and lifestyle sports nutrition, and specialist sports compression, and sportswear we all love to wear.

Our culture is defined by tradition and innovation. We know elite sport. The combination of tradition, innovation and a range of fascinating products when you dig deep are also reflected in our staff measures and the agreements we have with our elite teams and ambassadors. We are proudly Australian owned and operated.

Our products are always something special, they have integrity and are what they say they are. They are not necessarily the best selling due unsubstantiated hype, or the cheapest price. We formulate for extraordinary on field and performance results. Regardless of what others are doing, we are committed to redefining our limits continuously and to setting new standards. To achieve this, today and in the future, we attract and create teams who think just like we do and who are committed to going that extra mile.

So, what exactly makes BSc so special that people even go so far as to talk about the “BSc” difference? No matter if you are a triathlete, surfer, Jiu jitsu athlete, soccer player, race car driver or whatever an athlete is, on your terms – we have got something for you. Get involved and find out for yourself.

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