MYBODYSCIENCE Health & Fitness Platform

MYBODYSCIENCE Health & Fitness Platform

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Today marks the official launch of the MYBODYSCIENCE platform. A fully integrated health, fitness, and nutrition platform designed to be a one-stop-shop for everything you need to achieve health, fitness, and weight loss goals.

The platform offers workout programs designed by expert trainers, customised nutrition guides created alongside nutritionists and dieticians, an extensive educational hub that includes articles, podcasts, and blogs by a variety of industry-leading professionals and BSc experts.

“MYBODYSCIENCE has really been the better part of 10 years in development, and a real labour of love. It all started because we have such an immense amount of data, research, education, videos, podcasts, resources, and tools at our fingertips at BSc but the problem for us is how to get it out and get it seen. What’s the point in having the knowledge and keeping it a secret? We’re here to help people! We want to be educators for anyone looking to feel great and improve their physical and mental performance and we don’t believe cost should ever be a barrier to health, so we made it free” says Greg Young - Founder and Owner of BSc.

MYBODYSCIENCE has been developed in consultation with some of the industry’s top experts in the health and fitness space. Nutrition plans have been designed to be easy to maintain long-term to ensure your results continue long beyond the initial 7-week block. Naturopaths, nutritionists, and dieticians have all had a hand in the development of customised guides to ensure not only results but a long-term fit, happy, and healthy lifestyle.

After 21 years on a mission to consistently develop quality, trusted products for your everyday physical and mental performance, the MYBODYSCIENCE platform feels like a natural progression for us. At BSc, we are no strangers to finding out what our customers want and delivering to their needs. MYBODYSCIENCE is no different. Whether you’re looking for muscle building, weight loss, strength gain, fitness, performance or to educate yourself in the health, nutrition, and training space, you will be able to find it all at MYBODYSCIECNCE” says Nathan Picklum - Owner of BSc.

As a veteran in the health and supplement industry in Australia, we see it as our responsibility to source and communicate credible, valuable information that people can trust, and the MYBODYSCIENCE platform is just one of the ways we’ve developed to do just that. The beginning of 2021 will see us launch even more in the health and fitness education space as we continue to do all we can to support people in leading fit, happy, and healthy lifestyles.

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