Creatine & Whey Protein - Can You Mix and Match?

Creatine & Whey Protein - Can You Mix and Match

Creatine & Whey Protein - Can You Mix and Match?

There’s probably a huge list of reasons why you’ve landed on this page - on a quest to find a competitive edge, maybe you heard someone name drop creatine, and you're just wondering whether it's going to work well on the whey protein regime you're flaunting currently. Then again, maybe you're looking to increase the frequency of your workouts and a supplement that’ll help with repair is a match worth fighting for.

Regardless of why you are here, here's what you gonna find out after reading this article; what creatine and whey do for you individually, are they a useful combo, and how one would go about taking them according to their workouts.

Let’s begin.

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What is creatine? What does it do?

Creatine is a naturally stored compound that recycles energy effectively creating a natural recharge, which you can agree, is something that all of us need whilst navigating our busy schedules and rigorous workout routines.

The Science - Creatine is formed by amino acids; Arginine and Glycine. Their role in the grand scheme of our body’s functionality is to help create natural proteins that contribute to breaking down food, growing muscle mass, and repairing muscles.

So how are we getting a boost of energy from creatine? Just as we mentioned before, creatine recycles energy. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the molecule that’s responsible for creating energy. Once that energy has been used, for example, one squat or a lap of the pool, ATP loses a molecule of phosphate and transforms into ADP (adenosine diphosphate). Creatine restores the molecule changing it back into ATP so the body can recycle the energy, improving stamina and aerobic performance.

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What is whey protein? What does it do?

So what does whey protein do for your body?

Whey protein is best understood by looking at the foundational building blocks of the body.

Muscles (proteins) Are made up of nine smaller molecules called amino acids, as you have heard us refer to consistently throughout this article. Some are naturally produced by the body and others are attained through nutritional consumption.

It just so happens that whey protein is extremely rich in all 9 amino acids, supplying the muscles with sufficient quantities required to build and repair.

If you're unsure of what whey looks like, picture the clear liquid that gathers at the top of your yoghurt when you first break the seal. That's it - the stuff that you profusely stir into the yoghurt to avoid getting a soured dose of yoghurt water (don't worry, Body Science has found a way to make it taste nice…).

If we were to break down the protein contents in a carton of milk, we would see 80% casein protein and 20 % whey protein. You're probably thinking, well there's more casein protein in milk, so it must be better, but let's take a look at the health properties of both whey and casein and discuss what's going to work best for you.

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Whey Protein vs Casein Protein

Whey protein is equipped with the essential amino acids required to help build and repair muscle. While casein has similar amino qualities, it is absorbed slower, translating to slower drawn-out effects, which can work to your advantage if you are supplementing at night.

The role of leucine (one of the many forms of amino acids) contributes integrally to protein synthesis, muscle tissue regeneration, and metabolism. It just so happens that whey protein has higher quantities of leucine, which could be the cherry on top, crowning whey protein as the heavyweight champion of the two.

Is creatine and whey protein a good combination?

We love that enthusiasts like yourself are asking these kinds of questions; for one, it's a clear exhibition of your motivation to level up and improve your results. And secondly, it means that you're supplementing responsibly and doing your research.

So is creatine and whey protein a good combination? There's no denying that taking creatine and whey protein is a good combination, and it has been proven time and again that it's extremely safe to do so. There has been extensive research conducted around comparing the effects of taking whey, why + creatine, and the essential placebo test to ensure psychological advantage (knowing what you’re taking) isn’t enhancing results.

The findings from two separate studies showed that there are quantifiable benefits mixing creatine and whey protein; however, there is little to no additional benefits if you are over the age of 48.

Study 1

A group of middle-aged males (48 to 78) were asked to engage in a 14-week test that measured the effects of taking whey protein, whey + creatine, creatine, and a placebo supplement. All parties experienced an increase in lean muscle mass due to the allocated 3-day intensive resistance training schedule that expanded 14 weeks; however, there were no additional benefits recorded in the whey, creatine, or whey + creatine groups.

(Reference: Nation Library of Medicine)

Study 2

The second study, which was said to be the first official conducted trial measuring the effects of whey and creatine, found significant results.

After a 6-week training period involving 36 athletic males, the following increases were recorded.

Whey + Creatine

  • 4kg increase in lean tissue mass
  • 13 kg increase on the bench press
  • 21 kg increase in squat strength
  • 7 Nm (Newton Metres) increase in isokinetic knee flexion


  • 2 kg increase in lean tissue mass
  • 8 kg increase on the bench press
  • 21 kg increase in squat strength
  • 1 Nm increase in isokinetic knee flexion


  • 0.5 increase in lean tissue mass
  • 8 kg increase on the bench press
  • 20 kg increase in squat strength
  • 1 Nm decrease in isokinetic knee flexion

The results inarguably defined that a combination of whey + creatine drew significant increase to lean tissue mass and bench press strength and concluded minimal change within all three parties for the other controlled variables.

(Reference: International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism)

How to take creatine and whey protein together

There are many different opinions on how to take creatine and whey protein together. Some industry professionals recommend ingesting both before, some after, and many suggest one before and one after.

The truth is that all are beneficial, but as a benchmark, ensure you’re stacking both as close to the workout as possible, either before or after.

We recommend taking creatine beforehand if you’re feeling fatigued from the previous workout or a long day at work. As we mentioned before, creatine recycles energy, and having that little boost may be the added touch to gain the motivation required to push a little harder or even just maintain technique and composition.

For you’re convenience, we’ve created a solution; A product that incorporates the perfect balance of whey protein and creatine, designed to maximise performance and repair.

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- Consume after training or as a high-protein snack and enjoy the amazing results.

The Take Away

Taking whey protein and creatine together is proven to be safe and has benefits for those that are below middle age looking to increase lean tissue mass and bench press strength.

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