FACEBOOK LIVE: Do you have the courage to fully embrace the study of YOU?

FACEBOOK LIVE: Do you have the courage to fully embrace the study of YOU?

Self-Science by Sports Scientist Dr Craig Duncan

Have you ever wondered why we accept what others tell us what is best for us? What to eat, how we should exercise or even how to be more productive? We are bombarded by the latest research and so-called best practice that may or may not work for you since the data is not specific to your individual circumstances.

But, what if the research was based on your own individual data?

Did you know that the technology and systems are available for you to conduct research on you? These systems have had great success in athletic populations and are now being implemented in corporate environments. The data collected is specific to the individual and enables human performance scientists to collaborate with experts in focus areas so an individualised solution can be created.

This is the foundation of Self-Science and the first step in maximizing human potential and essentially, optimising performance.

How much study of yourself have you completed? If you are reading this you have probably completed over a decade of formal study. Study of history, geography, science, mathamatics and english but what about you? Are you an expert in your field or at your job? Are you an expert in you?



“Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power”. – Lao Tzu





The absence of “knowing thyself” or basic self-awareness is associated with numerous issues including, poor emotional regulation and absence of empathy. As emotional intelligence is a vital component of success in the majority of life situations and workplaces, it would seem that studying and becoming an excellent internal observer is crucial if you and we as a society are going to capatalise on our potential.

Therefore is it possible Self-Science (the analysis by YOU of YOU) is the most important subject that we should study, at every stage of life? So, if we agree that self-science is a valuable subject what do we study and for how long? There is no doubt that if you committ to becoming a life long learner of self you will live a happier and healthier life by having a clear understanding of your own physiology, psychlogy and philosophy and what is required for you to function optimally.

The key to this area of study is your own physiology, psycology and philosophy and what is required for you to function optimally. How much sleep, what nutritional regime, what and how much exercise and what recovery strategy works best are all vital questions for us to be able to answer with authority. Psycologically, how well do you know you? What really makes you “tick” and what is your deficiencies when dealing with people and situations? Do you know your bias and why you think the way you do? What impact is your history and environment having on you? What is your mission?

The major question is why do we look to others to tell us what is best when we are with ourselves every second of our existence?

In the majority of cases we don’t take the time or there is a possible fear to study ourselves. We seem to be more interested in observing and judging others than analysing our own actions and behaviour. However, until you fully know you, you are never going to fully maximise your performance.

Self-science is the framework that can not only change you but one person at a time, fully impacting positively on our world.

Do you have the courage to fully embrace the study of YOU?

There is evidence to suggest that it is a 1 in 400 trillion chance that you were born and far greater odds that you are actually you. These numbers are so large that they become trivial because it is difficult to imagine how small a chance that actually is. Simply put, its practically impossible that you were born and you are actually you.

So if we get that thought under control the next step is to understand how unique we are and how different we are to everyone else around us. Yes of course we are human and part of the same race but there is so many differences that its probably time we stopped following what others do and first understand what will work best for us.

Have you ever watched a movie with a friend and they loved it and you thought it was the worst movie you have ever seen? Have you eaten the exact meal as a close friend and you felt a million $ and they hated every bite? How about exercise, where you have seen a program the latest social media influencer is completing but when you try it you are thinking that you wish you were doing something else?

These scenarios happen everywhere and everyday of our lives but it seems we accept it and keep going down the similar path. The Self-Science philosphy is here to help you to pivot and focus on a path that has been formulated specifically with you at the centre so you become a key player in decisions about your life and leave the spectating to others.

Today is the day to start on the self-science path!!!

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