The Brain - Muscle Connection

The Brain - Muscle Connection

The Brain - Muscle Connection (Sybille Buchwald-Werner, 092018)


The brain is one of the most fascinating organs in the human body. It gives us awareness of ourselves, it controls the secretions of our glands, our breathing, and our muscle movements.

The control of our movements is particularly complex, as the human body has more than 600 muscles which needs to work in synergy. The brain has full responsibility for all vital movements, like contraction of the cardiac or smooth muscles, which are operated subconsciously. In fact, only the skeletal muscles can carry out voluntary contractions. Different parts of our brain are working in a team, to coordinate our muscles to work together and to provide the desired muscle force at the right time.

The communication between the brain and the muscle cells starts with an impulse, called an action potential or electrochemical signal, from the motor neurons sent to the spine to the neuromuscular junction. Neuromuscular junction is the neighbourhood of nerve cells and muscle fibres. This signal leads to the release of neurotransmitters which trigger a cascade of physiological processes in the human body leading finally to the desired movement. More specifically, the neurotransmitter “acetylcholine (ACH)” is released out the nerves cells to bind to receptors at the surface of the muscle fibres to trigger the movement. This is the brain- muscle connection.

Efficient training depends on an efficient neuromuscular communication, a good brain-muscle connection. In other words, you need to focus and concentrate on your training with your whole body; mentally and physically. First, it is important to make sure that your brain is able to activate your targeted muscle movements. Secondly, you need to focus your mind on contracting your target muscles rather than for example just thinking about the weight you want to lift.

This is where Bluenesse® is able to support.

On the one side, Bluenesse® helps you to get focus and concentration. Thinking about engaging the correct muscles during an exercise is an excellent path to better performance leading to better training results.

On the other side, Bluenesse® will support your body to make sure that enough acetylcholine is available as communicator. The valuable compound in Bluenesse® rosmarinic acid inhibits acetylcholine-esterase, an enzyme which degrades acetylcholine. This way Bluenesse® contributes to an improved communication between the brain and the muscles.

But muscle movement is not only depending on our brain, it also depends on the physiological status of our muscles. The muscle fibres must the able to contract in response to the signal from the nerves. Fatigue, muscle soreness or weak muscle strength, accompanied with pain or stiffness, limit the power of the muscle to translate the impulse to a proper movement.

This is where Recoverben® can support you.

Recoverben® is high in valuable polyphenols and has an extraordinarily high ORAC level, which is the basis for its antioxidative and anti-inflammatory soothing activity. Recoverben® reduces muscle strengths loss and supports a quick and full recovery after exercise. It helps to defend oxidative stress, inflammation and consequently muscle damage. Moreover, it reduces muscle soreness and muscle fatigue supporting an efficient brain muscle connection.

Bluenesse® and Recoverben® support an efficient training by improvement of the whole communication chain from brain, nerves to muscle fibres.

Bluenesse® is an innovative, exclusive lemon balm extract, Melissa officinalis (L.) which supports your cognitive ability to focus on target muscles during training. Furthermore, it improves acetylcholine levels necessary for an efficient brain-muscle connection.

Bluenesse® guarantees highest, consistent and defined quality, and has been tested for banned substances by LGC's world-class sports anti-doping laboratory. It is scientifically proven, IP protected, and safe. Find clinical levels of Bluenesse® in BSc HydroxyBurn® Clinical and HydroxyBurn® Sleep.

Recoverben® is an innovative, exclusive lemon verbena extract, Aloysia citriodora, which improves muscle strengths and recovery after exercise and thereby supports physical performance, motivation for sports and may prevent overtraining.

Recoverben® guarantees highest, consistent and defined quality. It is scientifically proven, safe, free of any additives and has been tested for banned substances by LGC's world-class sports anti-doping laboratory. Find clinical levels of Recoverben® in BSc HydroxyBurn® Sleep.

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