Setting your office up to stay Office Fit

Setting your office up to stay Office Fit

Andy Ginn | BSc Expert Trainer and Presenter


With many of us starting to head back to the office, we are faced with the challenges of trying to stay active and eating healthy. Stuck in the middle of a stressful workload, sitting down all day, mostly terrible cafe choices and pretty much a lack of all-round knowledge on how to set up our office life to support your fitness goals.

Here are my top 5 tips to keep you Office Fit:


Taking a packed lunch is not only a nice little stroll back down memory lane to the schoolyard, it's also a money-saving way of eating a balanced meal at work. Constantly eating at the cafe downstairs makes it near impossible to get quality nutrient-dense food. Also, it’s one less decision you have to make during your workday, that’s a win in anyone's books.


Probably the biggest nemesis of all office health is sitting all day hunched over our keyboard crunching numbers, especially as we fatigue during the day and our posture gets even worse. Employing a stand-up desk is a great way to promote blood flow and improves our overall posture. If a stand-up desk isn’t feasible set yourself a step challenge to complete for 5mins every hour.


Drinking water throughout the day is essential for vitality and digestion. The best way to make sure you do this is to keep a large water bottle on your desk. There is no need to start trying to drink all of the water all of the time instead set yourself a small daily target and increase incrementally every few days until you can average around 2 litres a day without running to the toilet every 30mins.


Most days we are tempted to indulge in the seemingly endless supply of treats in the office staff room or every other day it's someone's birthday but instead of reaching for that doughnut out of courtesy try eating the healthy lunch you packed before heading to whatever the occasion may be and saving the treats for when it’s worth celebrating.

See how staying office fit can be effectively implemented into a well-rounded training program where you will get;

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