Tatiana Marinho - BSc Athlete

Practising Nutritionist | B.P.H. Nutrition | Master of Nutrition & Dietetics | Master of Public Health.

BSc Nutritionist Tatiana Marinho is also a woman of many talents. Not only is she a qualified practising nutritionist to her own clients and BSc sponsored athletes, but Tatiana is also a competitive Triathlete and frequently works with communities in remote areas of the Northern Territory teaching children about all things health and nutrition.



Although there are many products I use daily from BSc, I appreciate the fact that sometimes we need to fit our needs into our budget and day-to-day reality. With that in mind, I have picked three products that form my absolute essential stack:

HydroxyBurn® Shred

Clean Vegan Protein

Clean Greens


This is my go-to caffeine product. I use it first thing in the morning and as a pre-workout supplement. More than caffeine, HydroxyBurn Shred contains ingredients that are proven to improve metabolism, which means my body will be burning more calories throughout the day. It also contains nootropic ingredients, that help increase cognitive function, so I perform better physically and mentally. Even on rest days, when I must study or do some work, I choose Hydroxyburn Shred over coffee to boost my energy levels and focus.


This is my choice of protein because I am vegan and have an intolerance to dairy. This formula contains the best quality plant protein with the addition of super grains. It also contains prebiotics and digestive enzymes that will assist with gut health. If you are trying to lose weight or fat, our Clean Vegan and Lean 5 are great options. The Whey protein is a great option for those looking to improve muscle repair post-workout. Finally, the Nitrovol Lean Muscle is a great protein powder for athletes and those with high energy requirements looking to increase lean muscle mass and improve recovery.

Regardless of your protein choice, having a quality protein powder available at home is very important to assist with a healthy diet. Protein powders will help increase your protein intake throughout the day and can especially help to increase the protein content of your snacks. I have mentioned many times before the benefits of having protein-rich meals and some of these include:


• hunger control

• muscle support

• increase of metabolism


This is my healthiest and most convenient life hack. I always ensure I consume enough fruits and veggies throughout the day, but Clean Greens is a way of keeping it consistent. It contains fruits, veggies, herbs, fibre and probiotics, so in one little spoon, I get a world of benefits. I like to fast from 6 pm until about 8 am, so after my first training session in the morning the first thing I consume is 500ml of coconut water with a tablespoon of Clean Greens and Glutamine. This is a great start for my day, I get a load of nutrients in a way there is easy for my stomach and guts to deal with. It increases my energy levels, improves my gut health and boosts my immune system. Even better, many of the superfoods found in Clean Greens are proven to improve muscle recovery and reduce exercise-induced muscle damage.

Always remember that supplements are not a replacement to a healthy diet and lifestyle, they are an addition to it. The better you eat, sleep and exercise, the better these supplements will work.


Green Tea and Guarana a source of caffeine and increase fat burning mechanisms.

Acetyl L Carnitine to assist fat metabolism.

Garcinia gummi-gutta to help suppress appetite and control blood sugars.

Iodine to increase metabolism and thermogenesis and support thyroid gland function.

Chromium to assist sugar metabolism.


Made with essential vitamins & minerals for everyday health and wellness.

Spirulina and Mushroom Extract a potent source of nutrients known for anti-inflammatory properties.

Siberian Ginseng to boost the immune system and improve athletic performance.

Probiotics to improve gut health.

Green Tea, Kale, Broccoli & Spinach extracts an important part of a healthy diet.

Folic Acid to promote healthy red blood cells.


A dual plant-protein blend with added superfoods.

Digezyme® to improve digestion.

The complete amino acid profile.

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