New BSc Soft Protein Bar innovation wins gold at the Nutrition Warehouse Supplement Awards

New BSc Soft Protein Bar innovation wins gold at the Nutrition Warehouse Supplement Awards
Launched to the consumer in April, the supplement brand’s latest product is already winning hearts and minds.


BSc’s innovative new soft protein bar technology has taken out first place at this year’s Nutrition Warehouse Supplement Awards!

After only launching the new candy-like-protein-bars in April it’s a huge honour for the BSc team to again be recognised as an innovator by one of the most important retailers in our industry and their customers. What makes this even more special for the brand it’s for a product developed using the latest in bar technology exclusive to BSc and our collaboration with Aussie confectionery icon, Violet Crumble.

Awarded at this year’s AUS Fitness Expo in Melbourne BSc was honoured to have the award received by BSc ambassadors Sammy Risteski and UFC Light-Heavyweight turned Professional Boxer Tyson Pedro.

About the BSc Soft Protein Bars

BSc continually innovates the protein bar category, with its latest technology out of Europe set to take Australia by storm, introducing the new Soft Protein Bar. 

Whether you’re a protein bar enthusiast, an avid BSc protein bar consumer or you sit on the fence and have been waiting for years to find a bar you like; The new 55g BSc Soft Protein Bar with 16 grams of protein, no added sugar AND a 4.5 health-star rating will create a whole new experience in taste and texture. To add further excitement, two of the flavours are official collaborations with Violet Crumble, that don’t skimp on the honeycomb-shattering eating experience Aussie’s have loved for over 100 years.

Available now exclusive to Nutrition Warehouse in four game-changing flavours.

  • BSc Soft Protein Bar Double Chocolate
  • BSc Soft Protein Bar Banana Choc
  • BSc Soft Protein Bar x Violet Crumble Chocolate Honeycomb
  • BSc Soft Protein Bar x Violet Crumble Caramel Honeycomb

Nutritional information

  • 16g Protein
  • Less than 3g sugar
  • 4.5 Health Star Rating
  • Good Source of Dietary Fibre
  • Gluten-Free
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