What's so good about Multivitamins anyway?

What's so good about Multivitamins anyway?

Tatiana Marinho | Practicing Nutritionist, B.P.H. Nutrition, Master of Nutrition & Dietetics, Master of Public Health.

Vitamins and Minerals are micronutrients that are essential to maintain health and general wellbeing. Your body needs these nutrients for reproduction, maintenance, growth, and regulation of bodily processes. An appropriate intake of these micronutrients can bring many health benefits, such as improved brain function, reduced oxidative stress, increased energy levels and maintenance of healthy bones, hair, skin and nails.

Ideally, the consumption of these micronutrients would come from nutrient-dense foods. However, different agricultural practices have been shown to reduce and remove many of these micronutrients from the foods we consume. Furthermore, a busy lifestyle, exercise, daily stress, poor diet and aging can increase your micronutrient requirements. Taking a complete and high-quality Multivitamin supplement will ensure a consistent and adequate micronutrient intake and improve your health.

I would suggest taking after dinner, before bed for better absorption, improved recovery and quality sleep!

Vitamins and Minerals are better absorbed when taken with food.

To ensure adequate absorption and bioavailability of these micronutrients it is crucial to maintain an adequate liquid intake throughout the day.

Caffeine and alcohol can affect the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals.

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