Why aren't you getting stronger?

Why aren't you getting stronger?

Andy Ginn

Remote Coach and Mentor| Body Science Expert Trainer and Presenter

Let’s face it, there is no such thing as being too strong and the key to great strength gains isn’t as complicated as you may think. Here are my top tips for getting the strength gains you have been chasing.


You read that right, eating more of the right foods are essential for strength gains. You want to be able to fuel your muscles through tough training sessions and eating more also helps your muscles recover better.


I get it, HIIT makes you feel amazing and is a great way to train but if the only time you are lifting heavy is when your heart rate is red-lining and your form is fatigued you will never hit that double BW back squat. Try adding in a dedicated lifting session to your training schedule and watch your strength take off.


Base your strength training on the squat, deadlift, press and their accessory mates. Focussing on the 3 compound lifts will allow you to add more weight to the bar and advance your strength gains.


Using the services of a coach will help keep you accountable on the barbell, keep your form on point and also be able to program a strength training cycle that is specifically designed for you and your goals. If you haven’t hit a dedicated strength cycle then you are missing out.


The most underrated piece of the strength puzzle, less is definitely more when it comes to getting stronger. You need to slow down on the volume so your muscles have enough time to recover. Also taking an extra rest day is always a great idea.

See how a strength cycle can be effectively implemented into a well-rounded training program where you will get;

✓ A completely individualized training program

✓ 3, 4 or 5 days training per week

✓ Every session includes instructional videos, easy to use phone access to your program

✓ Direct contact with me


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