Your Secret Weapon for Healthy Living

Your Secret Weapon for Healthy Living

James Kuhn - Accredited Practising Nutritionist and an expert for BSc


Overwhelmed by your busy lifestyle?



It’s hardly surprising. Between the demands of work, the pressures of social media, tackling your inbox, catching up with mates, trying to eat a nutritious diet and getting enough exercise, it can feel like we have a laundry list of goals, with only limited time to achieve them.

Often, the result is a state of chronic stress and feelings of overwhelm, which over the long term become barriers to achieving your goals - especially those focused on health and fitness.

If you’re looking to get more done with less stress, Clean Coffee might just be your new secret weapon.



Two of the biggest barriers that we face in pursuing a healthy lifestyle are time and energy. Clean Coffee is the perfect way to make your coffee do more of the heavy lifting, supplying you with an extra dose of energy and focus to squeeze more out of your day.



Whether you need a kick start for your morning workout or an antidote to the 3pm energy slump, Clean Coffee uses Columbian single-origin coffee combined with MCT to improve cognitive function and boost your metabolism, as well as apple cider vinegar to enhance gut health.



To combat the stress of your active lifestyle, we’ve added a revolutionary botanical called Bluenesse. This sustainable herb is effective in promoting a sense of calm without impacting on cognitive performance. The result? Less stress and an enhanced sense of wellbeing, leaving you well placed to get on with your busy day.

If you’re trying to cut body fat, Clean Coffee is a great addition to your daily routine. MCTs ability blunt hunger and increase energy expenditure and feelings of satiety, while caffeine has natural fat-burning properties. With no added sugar and only 13 calories per sachet, Clean Coffee is the perfect accompaniment to your training regime and nutrition protocol.

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