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Athlete Profile

At just 18 years of age, Brielle Cooper made waves as the youngest IronWoman ever to seize a Nutri-Grain Series title. This remarkable feat occurred merely a year after her debut in the professional IronWoman circuit, where she initially placed 18th overall in the 2017 Nutri-Grain Series. Trained under the guidance of Michael King at Burleigh Heads / Mowbray Park, Cooper harbours a deep-seated passion for instilling her love for surf sports in the next generation. Currently pursuing her aspirations to become a primary school teacher, she also dedicates her time as a teacher’s aide.

Raised on the Gold Coast, Cooper's early years were marked by engagement in a diverse array of sports, with swimming capturing her heart. Originally aspiring to Olympic swimming glory, her trajectory veered toward the ocean, sparking her Ironwoman journey.

Despite encountering challenges during her formative years, Cooper clinched her inaugural state medal at 15, igniting her dream of professional Ironwoman success. Securing a wildcard entry into the Nutri-Grain Ironwoman Series at 17, she embarked on an eight-year professional racing stint in the Ironwoman Series.


Brielle's History & Achievements

  • Won the 2018 Nutri Grain Ironman Series
  • Earned victory in two Nutri Grain Ironman Series Races
  • Achieved third place in the 2019 Australian Ironwoman Championship
  • Secured third place in the 2018 and 2019 Molokai to Oahu 52km Paddleboard Races

Why does Brielle choose BSc?

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