#224. Men’s Health with Scott Henderson

#224. Men’s Health with Scott Henderson

Men are no longer just interested in their physical appearance. The focus on male aesthetics has shifted drastically over the past decade and now, we see men’s health taking priority.

There is a major shift occurring for what people consider as masculine beauty standards; this time around it's not all about having six-pack abs or being able to attract women—nowadays, there is more of an emphasis on good mental and emotional well-being and lifestyle. Scott Henderson, Editor and Content Director of Men's Health joins us this week to catch us up on how the standards have changed, what has been involved and how lockdown has meant a pivot in training and routine.

Scott Henderson
Editor and Content Director Men’s Health

Scott has always been in pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle by combining passion and career. Following a degree in Sports Science and International Studies, Scott has worked in the sport, health and fitness industries in Australia, USA, Spain, and the UK, with a focus on content production & education. Now as the editor and content director of Men’s Health Australia, Scott is able to share his passion for the industry with the wider international community through education, creative content, events, and storytelling. Scott has produced content for the global Men’s Health Network, whilst also making a regular appearance as a health and men’s lifestyle expert on Sunrise, hosting events and panels, and contributing to digital and print publications including nine.com.au, WHO, and Women's Health among others.

Instagram: @menshealthau

Facebook: Men’s Health Australia

Website: menshealth.com.au

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