#284. Nick Lumley on Nutrition, Muscle Growth, and Athlete Performance.

#284. Nick Lumley on Nutrition, Muscle Growth, and Athlete Performance.

In today’s podcast, we welcome Nick Lumley to discuss nutrition, athlete performance, muscle growth, and his diverse experience and knowledge in sports.

Nick Lumley, the Head of Performance for NSW Waratahs Rugby, brings a wealth of diverse experience to his role. He has previously worked with the Scottish Rugby Union, coached both 7s and 15s formats, and served as the Head of Strength and Conditioning for Edinburgh Rugby. Lumley has also contributed to the Welsh Rugby Union and Gloucester Rugby Club. His academic qualifications are equally impressive, including a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Bath, an MSc in Strength and Conditioning from St Mary’s, and accreditations from UK and Australian Strength & Conditioning associations. Additionally, he holds a diploma in sports nutrition from the Institute of Performance Nutrition in the UK. Lumley's extensive experience spans multiple sports, including judo, track and field, and bobsleigh, making him a versatile expert in the field of sports performance. His knowledge goes well beyond rugby, allowing him to optimize performance across a wide range of sports.

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