coffee & fasting


Intermittent fasting has had a considerable rise in popularity over the past few years. Many are turning to IF to help control their energy intake, lose weight, promote longevity, improve gut health and reduce insulin resistance.

Like any controlled style of diet, intermittent fasting has rules and guidelines to be observed to follow the diet and reap the maximum benefits. While the logistics around reducing your eating window are fairly straightforward, you might be wondering what the recommendations are when it comes to drinking coffee. After all, skipping breakfast is one thing, but for many of us, our morning coffee is non-negotiable.

A lot of the benefits of intermittent fasting come from a process called autophagy, where the body rids itself of damaged cells. To do this, the body needs to be in a starved state - which is where fasting comes into the equation.

Will coffee disrupt this process? Not quite - but don’t reach for your spice pumpkin latte or double mocha frappuccino just yet!

The key to IF is to minimise the number of calories consumed during the fasting window. If you’re adding milk, cream, sugar, or any condiments to your coffee, you’re ingesting a significant amount of calories, meaning that your body is no longer in a fasted state. For most people, however, one cup of coffee shouldn’t cause a large enough change in your metabolic state enough to disrupt the fast.


In comes our new Coffee range…

Our new Coffee range is made with real, strong and bold Robusta coffee. This brings a real coffee taste and natural source of caffeine. Real coffee, pure ingredients, no fillers, no sweeteners = clean energy!

The new Coffee range will not only help you stay in a fasted state, but will help you perform better when fasting and bring a lot other benefits.



Each serve of Clean Coffee Brain Fuel contains just 17 calories – just a fraction more than a standard black coffee but with added super ingredients and benefits. Even better, the blend contains 150mg of high quality, natural caffeine.

Clean Coffee Brain Fuel contains 9 superfoods and was developed to boost positive energy, cognitive function and mood, mental and physical performance and boost your metabolism.

The superior blend contains 4 different types of adaptogenic mushrooms (Reishi, Chaga, Lions Mane and Cordyceps), Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng, Peruvian Cacao and Coconut MCT powder.

The blend will help increase your metabolism and boost the effects of fasting and improve mental performance. This is perfect for those who struggle with mental fog and executive performance when fasting!

Clean Coffee Brain Fuel is also dairy free, vegan and keto friendly with 0g of sugar.


Each serve of Ultra Strong Pre-Workout Coffee contains only 27 calories and an amazing 180mg of high quality, natural caffeine. The blend also contains high-performance ingredients, amino acids and vitamins.

Ultra Strong Pre-Workout Coffee contains a pre-workout blend containing Beta-alanine, L-arginine, L-carnitine and Vitamin B3. These ingredients will help improve physical performance and give you an extra push for a fasted workout. The Nootropic Blend contains L-Taurine, Ashwagandha and Organic Peruvian Cacao and helps improve mental performance, focus and concentration.

Many people struggle to perform and/or have the motivation and energy to complete a workout when fasted, so the Ultra Strong Pre-Workout Coffee can be your best friend when fasting.

The superior blend is also dairy free, vegan and keto friendly with 0g of sugar.


Each serve of Ultra beauty Collagen Coffee contains only 25 calories and 155mg of high quality, natural caffeine. The blend also contains research proven specific bioactive collagen peptides as well as superfoods, probiotics, vitamins and minerals to support overall health and wellbeing.

This superior blend contains Verisol®, a research proven specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides to improve skin, hair and nails health from within. On top of this we have a Beauty Blend containing Organic Rosehip, Grapeseed Extract, Peruvian Cacao, Zinc and Biotin as well as a wellness blend containing Vitamin C, Probiotics and Coconut MCT Powder.

If you are looking for that beauty, general wellbeing and energy kick while fasting, the Ultra Beauty Collagen Coffee is you best friend.

The superior blend is also dairy free and keto friendly with 0g of sugar.

Whether you choose to fast or not, the new Coffee range has you covered for mental and physical performance, mood and overall health and wellbeing. Choose real coffee, high-quality ingredients, smart formulas and clean energy!

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