How GPP training can change your training game and body

How GPP training can change your training game and body

Andy Ginn

Remote Coach and Mentor| BSc Expert Trainer and Presenter


Who hasn’t got caught up trying to run before you can walk? By starting out with GPP training (general physical preparedness) we can build a solid base of fitness and also improve your quality of movement and let’s face it, if you move better you can nearly guarantee you will look better too.

It sounds complicated but as usual, it’s really not. And it’s where you should start if you are only just beginning your fitness journey. As the name suggests it’s a completely general form of training meaning you should squat, press, run, lunge, climb and throw as much as possible.

The idea behind GPP is that you utilise big functional movements that help drive more motor recruitment patterns (use more of your muscle) helping improve our overall work capacity meaning you can adapt faster and better to your training.

You can’t build a functionally fit, good looking physique on calf raises and bicep curls alone which is why GPP is the best place to start. Build that base and specialise later.

Kick-off on the road to a fitter, happier, healthier you with this no-equipment GPP workout.

Start a 20min countdown clock and perform:

15 squats
100m run
10 push-ups
200m run
5 lunges each leg
30-second bent arm plank

Find out how a strength cycle can be effectively implemented into a well-rounded training program where you will get;

✓ A completely individualized training program

✓ 3, 4 or 5 days training per week

✓ Every session includes instructional videos and easy to use phone access to your program

✓ Direct contact with me


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