The Next Level in BCAA Supplements

The Next Level in BCAA Supplements

Body Science’s BCEAA Ultra formula is here to disrupt what you know about muscle recovery and development. WHY IS BSc BCEAA ULTRA UNIQUE? Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) have been a staple in recovery stacks for many years, but there is a limitation to their benefits. BCEAA Ultra goes beyond the limitations of taking BCAAs alone by including all nine Essential Amino Acids, bringing greater anabolic power to the table. Below is an explanation of the active ingredients that make BSc BCEAA Ultra a leading muscle building supplement.

Essential Amino Acids

  • Essential amino acids are not only involved with muscle development but form the precursors for neurotransmitters, our brain’s chemical messengers.
  • When the body is missing even one of the essential amino acids, there is a risk of reduced capacity for muscles to rebuild and for impaired muscle recovery.
  • Muscle protein synthesis is stimulated in the hours after a training session. However, this is when muscle breakdown is at its peak too. To combat muscle breakdown, adequate-protein is essential.
  • Consumption of Essential Amino Acids not only assists muscle synthesis but can also attenuate the normal muscle breakdown that occurs after training.
  • Ultra BCEAA delivers 7g of EAAs per serve. Research has shown that as little as 6g of Essential Amino Acids in the post-training period can boost muscle protein synthesis by 350%. Ultra BCEAA can assist users to meet the critical point of amino acid saturation in the muscles.
  • Supplementation with essential amino acids can be of immense benefit during long bouts of exercise and when cutting calories to drop body fat.


  • Branched Chain Amino Acids are three of the Essential Amino Acids, which have been identified as being critical for muscle synthesis.
  • BCAAs are oxidised in the muscle and used to boost amino acid levels during and around training.
  • BSc BCEAA Ultra contains 5g total BCAAs with 2g of leucine per serve. Leucine is the most potent BCAA, activating the mTOR pathways which results in increased muscle protein synthesis. Research shows that a leucine dose of 2g is effective for inducing muscle protein synthesis.
  • BCAA supplementation has been shown to have an anti-fatigue effect in energy-depleted athletes.
  • BCAA supplementation may enhance fat oxidation during high-intensity exercise of long duration.

Added Vitamin B6 and Glutamine

  • Vitamin B6 plays a primary role in amino acid metabolism, specifically in BCAA synthesis.
  • It has been recommended that B6 intake is relative to protein intake, with 15mcg B6 per gram of protein consumed by an individual. BCEAA Ultra contains 2.5mg per 6g serve.
  • BSc BCEAA Ultra contains added Glutamine. Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid with benefits across of a number of functions in the body including immune function and may assist with muscle recovery after strenuous exercise.


  • Sugar-free
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Gluten-Free

As BSc BCEAA Ultra is sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly, it can complement almost any dietary approaches and needs. There are four flavours, providing variety when calories are reduced and can provide a non-caloric sweetness that may help to reduce the perception of fatigue during training, to keep going even when your brain is telling you to stop.

  • BSc BCEAA Ultra is sugar-free. This means you can choose to consume them alone or with your own choice of carbohydrate around training, while also delivering glutamine to support muscle recovery.
  • With no added sugar and only 36 calories per serve, BCEAA Ultra may be useful during periods of energy restriction to assist in reducing calorie consumption while intaking valuable Essential Amino Acids.
  • BCEAA Ultra also contains no gluten, so is suitable for those with gluten intolerances and coeliac disease.
  • People who are undertaking regular exercise and following a vegan diet may find it difficult to meet dietary protein needs as many plant-based protein sources are often incomplete, i.e. do not contain all of the essential amino acids.
  • Following a vegan, and in some cases vegetarian, diet can lower branched-chain amino acid levels in the blood. Supplementation with vegan-friendly amino acid supplements may be recommended in order to improve recovery from training and to enhance lean muscle development.

The most useful time to include the BCEAA Ultra formula is in the hours around training, especially during times of caloric restriction when trying to lose weight and maintain muscle. The BSc BCEAA Ultra formula goes beyond what a regular BCAA formula can do. It will provide you with the building blocks for lean muscle gain and help you work through even the most brutal training session. BCEEA Ultra is an ultra-performing workout supplement based on evidence that will complement any dietary approach and help you smash your performance goals.


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