#230. Tour de Cure Raises Over $73 Million for Cancer Cure Research

#230. Tour de Cure Raises Over $73 Million for Cancer Cure Research

Nathan Picklum and Greg Young, Co-Owners of Body Science is live with Geoff Coombes, Co-Owner of Tour de Cure. Talking about our 10+ year relationship and the journey that brought them here today.



2006 I was out riding with a mate (Gary Bertwistle), and I shared the idea to ride around my own country but to do it for a good cause. Reflecting back, I realised I had been doing more things each year for others (Shave Your Head, Grow Your Mo etc) and the idea of giving back at this time of my life there was a fire waiting to be lit.

My best friend (Samantha Hollier), an event GURU got involved with these ‘2 BLOKES having a chat over a coffee/ride’ and we became three founders of a charity which set about to get good people and business together, to do big bike rides raising money to help cure cancer.  Tour de Cure was born!

Fast forward 15 yrs and Tour de Cure has raised over $73M, funded 550 World-Class Cancer Research, support & Prevention Projects and achieved 50 scientific Cancer breakthroughs. Over the years we have refined our Cancer Awareness message for kids to help educate and inspire them to learn about Cancer and how healthy lifestyle choices help reduce their risks. To date, we have shared this message with over 170,000 kids around the country.

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