#168. Throwback - Fat Loss Myths with Dr Mac

#168. Throwback - Fat Loss Myths with Dr Mac

This week we're celebrating our 21st Birthday by revisiting one of our top-rated episodes in Body Science Podcast history. #BScthrowback

In this 2018 episode, we chatted with Dr. Chris McClellan and debunk some of the most common fitness, fat loss, and health myths that 1 year on... are still well and truly alive.


Dr. Mac is a Professor of Exercise and Sports Science. He has a Ph.D. in Exercise and Sports Science, a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy, and has over 27 years of experience working in the NRL, AFL & professional Rugby Union around the world. PLUS his research has resulted in over 90 published works in peer-reviewed journals, published abstracts, and presentations at national and international conferences…In short, he knows what he’s talking about. You can’t argue with hard science.


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