#199. Behind the scenes of a Crisis Negotiator with Lance Burdett

#199. Behind the scenes of a Crisis Negotiator with Lance Burdett

This week our Founder and Co-Owner Greg Young speaks with suicide intervention specialist Lance Burdett. Lance is the Founder & Director at WARN International Ltd, a consultancy and coaching business specialising in enhanced communication techniques and personal resilience support, reducing workplace stress. Lance has also published two best-selling books, Behind the Tape, Life on the Police Frontline and Dark Side of the Brain.

Lance spent 13 years as a crisis negotiator managing high risk-incidents and was the National Advisor for the NZ Police Negotiations Team. Though Lance has a long record of accomplishments, it has been a tough journey for him, Lance shares his trials and tribulations with us and chats about how his experiences have been essential to him helping others.

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