#216. Building the Indomitable Brand With Keegan Thornhill

#216. Building the Indomitable Brand With Keegan Thornhill

Keegan Thornhill
Body Recomposition & Mindset Specialist.

Keegan Thornhill (The Recomp Pro) is one of Australia’s Leading Recomposition and comp prep Specialists, a mindset coach, and the driving force behind The Indomitable Crew coaching brand.

Keegan takes a unique approach to coaching where he not only preps athletes for stage and improves the body composition of those he works with but mentors to cultivate the Athletes mindset towards the hurdles we all face in life.

He has developed his philosophy towards coaching through overcoming his own massive life hurdles in losing his previous two companies in a separation, threatened with bankruptcy, sleeping on couches, and having to relocate and rebuild his reputation and coaching brand from the ground up.

Through his experiences and developing what he believes to be the athlete's mindset. Keegan now leads one of Melbourne’s largest coaching brands and with the goal of developing not just physically strong athletes, but athletes with the mental resiliency to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Social Channels

• Website: www.indomitablecrew.com

• Instagram: @the_recomp_pro

• Facebook: Keegan Thornhill

• Podcast: The Indomitable MVNT

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