#219. Formulating the new Shred Ultra Advanced with Tatiana Marinho

#219. Formulating the new Shred Ultra Advanced with Tatiana Marinho

Shred Ultra is back and better than ever. The new Shred Ultra Advanced is the best Nootropic and Thermogenic supplement in the market.

This week we chat with our Nutritionist and Regulatory Affairs Officer Tatiana Marinho to understand more about this superior formula that contains scientifically dosed super ingredients to improve mental and physical performance, increase calorie burning and improve sugar and fat metabolism. We discuss these super ingredients and the research behind them. We also talk about what it means to have a Therapeutic Good product and formula. Find out why all the claims on the label are scientifically proven and not empty marketing strategies.

Tatiana Marinho
BSc Athlete Nutritionist & Regulatory Affairs Officer

Bachelor of Public Health - Major in Nutrition and Health Promotion

Master of Nutrition and Dietetics

Master of Public Health

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