#226. Turning Right – Inspire the Magic with Kay Bretz

#226. Turning Right – Inspire the Magic with Kay Bretz

Whether in sports, work or life in general, ‘turning right’ as a metaphor for exploring unknown territory intuitively resonates with audiences, regardless of their background. Many conversations and broad media attention while Kay was publishing his first book have confirmed that people are seeking a life beyond the daily hamster wheel.

Kay Bretz
Fastest-Ever Australian at 24 Hour World Championships

I am a champion ultra-marathon runner (fastest-ever Australian at 24 Hour World Championships), corporate leader (ex-McKinsey consultant and senior leader at Woolworths and Coles), entrepreneur, keynote speaker, executive coach and author of Turning Right – Inspire the Magic. First and foremost, I’m an explorer. One day I turned right at my garden gate, just to realise that I’d never done that before. It was an image of how I was leading my life: full of control and not curious what was on offer beyond my self-imposed boundaries. Now, metaphorically speaking, I ‘turn right’ to inspire the magic.

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